Leave your dog in the car | Safely
Introducing the PuppComm-
Be in the car with your dog even when you can't be.
What we're doing
Making sure you always know your dog is safe

Why we're doing it
Because we love spending time with our dogs

Why People Care
Sometimes you need to leave your dog in the car

" But I never leave my dog in the car "

Being able to leave your dog in the car means more worry free time together. Here are just a few examples of when you might want to leave your dog in the car.

Day Trips

Take your dog hiking and stop for lunch on the way home.


Run errands on the way home from the dog park without having to go home first.

Road Trips

Road trip with your dog and stop when you need to, worry free.


Make sure your dogs are safe on the way to and from hunting.

Ready to spend more time with your dog? Pre-order your PuppComm to start the adventure.

This product is exactly what I need. I'm very excited about this product and look forward to getting one.
I think this is the most awesome invention ever.
As a working dog trainer, I would trust this product with my dogsā€¦ Just knowing that this product is out there has made me happy...
This is a great concept... Great way to keep your dogs safe.

Nobody likes to leave their dog at home.

Our mission is to make sure you never have to.

At PuppTech, we harness the power of technology to help dogs and their owners have a better and more enjoyable life together.