We want to help you safely leave your dog in the car

We're not crazy, we know how dangerous leaving a dog in a parked car can be.... for now. At PuppTech, we're developing technology to serve only one purpose, to make it safe for you to leave your dog in the car. We're building an ecosystem of smart, integrated products to be able to turn the back of your car, into your dog's home away from home, so your dog can always be safe and happy there. And by partnering with the best cooling companies for your dog, we'll make sure you always know your dog is safe and cool. So now, the only question is, where would you and your dog like to go together?

But I never leave my dog in the car

Being able to leave your dog in the car means more worry free time together. Here are just a few examples of when you might want to leave your dog in the car.

Day Trips

Take your dog hiking and stop for lunch on the way home.


Run errands on the way home from the dog park without having to go home first.

Road Trips

Road trip with your dog and stop when you need to, worry free.

It's more than just the heat

We know that you're worried about more than the temperature when you need to leave your dog in the car. We've designed our system to address all of the concerns you might have about leaving your dog in the car, so you'll never have to wonder if they're better off at home. 


You know how quickly a car can become too hot for your dog. We're partnering with cooling technology manufacturers to make sure your dog will always be cool.


You worry about not being with your dog to know what's happening to them or take care of them. We give you the peace of mind to always know your dog is safe.


You're worried about what other people might do to your car if they see a dog in there. For the sake of your windows, we make sure passersby can always tell your dog is safe.

Our Dogs Love Coming Along For The Ride

But thousands of dog die in hot cars every year.

Thanks to PuppTech your dog will never have to wait in a hot car again.

Why is it Dangerous to Leave your Dog in the Car?

Cars heat up faster than you might think.  

You want to spend time with your dog, but you also need to stop in restaurants and stores where your dog can't come inside. And if the weather is warm, you can see that it doesn't take long for a car to get dangerously hot for your dog. At PuppTech, we believe that cars shouldn't have to get hot and that stopping for an errand shouldn't be dangerous for your dog. So, we're building the PuppComm, to make sure that no matter where your adventures with your dog may take you, you'll never have to worry about having to stop along the way. 

Nobody likes to leave their dog at home.

Our mission is to make sure you never have to.

At PuppTech, we harness the power of technology to help dogs and their owners have a better and more enjoyable life together.

Pre-order Your PuppComm

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This product is made by dog lovers who were looking to answer the question that has been asked by thousands of dog owners worldwide. I cannot speak highly enough about this product or my anticipation to receive my very own.
Sgt. Nick Lewis, Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX