Our Values

We Are Dog Lovers

Like our customers, we feel that our dogs are more than just pets — they're members of our families. We believe your dog deserves the best, and we work hard every day to deliver it.

We Are Technologists

We believe in the power of technology to solve real-world problems. We spend our time thinking of ways to harness the latest technology to keep your best friend safe.

We are Innovators

We like to think outside the box and refuse to accept that the easiest solution is always the right one. We're creative and diligent in coming up with solutions to new problems.

We are Adventurers

We are excited by new ideas that push boundaries and force to look at problems from a new perspective. We aren't afraid to challenge the status quo when we need to.

We're proud to be born and raised in Colorado

The idea for PuppTech was born on a mountain in Colorado, and our headquarters are in Denver. We’re proud to be a Colorado company, and love sharing our passions with our local community here in Denver and around the country.

About Raika Technologies and Got An App Idea

Deciding whether your app idea is worth the time and financial investment can be a challenge. Raika has built hundreds of projects over their employees’ combined years of app, software and business development history. The firm offers a less expensive, faster way to determine whether an app can become a viable business.

GotAnAppIdea (a Raika Technologies affiliate) has an affordable, custom program designed for potential app and software entrepreneurs called the Apptrepreneur brand Startup Program. PuppTech participated in this program, which helped them get answers from real users in their target market and decide whether the idea could be transformed into a regular income stream, quickly and efficiently.

Our Story...

...starts on a mountain in Colorado, when our founders William and Windham went hiking with their dog Clovis.

On the way home from that hike, William and Windham wanted to stop for lunch to celebrate their successful day, but were worried about having to stop at a place where Clovis wasn’t welcome to join. Instead of enjoying their lunch, they spent their time worrying about Clovis and constantly running out to check on him. When they got home, Clovis' vet told them they should have just left Clovis at home for the entire weekend. They believed there should be a way for dog owners like them to be able to always know their dog is safe in all environments — and have been working on the PuppComm ever since.

July 2014

On the summit of Handies Peak, CO where it all began.

January 2015

Road trip to Sedona, AZ

May 2016

National Working Dog Memorial, San Antonio, TX

August 2016

Near Mt. of the Holy Cross, CO

November 2017

Road trip to Moab, UT

June 2018

Hiking in Boulder, CO

Meet our software development partners

Raika Technologies is a Denver, Colorado-based incubator, supporting start-ups and entrepreneurs with a technology element to their business. Raika specializes in IoT and SaaS. The company’s expertise includes software architecture and development, DevOps, infrastructure and business consulting for technology companies.

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