About Us

We're PuppTech
This is what drives us.
Everyday we do what we do so dog owners can have a better, safer and happier life with their dogs. We're driven by the belief that the best times are always had together.
Our Story...
...begins in the mountains of Colorado when our founders, William and Windham, spent a great July weekend hiking a 14er with their dog Clovis. On the way home they stopped for lunch, and it ended up being one of worst they ever had; instead of enjoying it, they spent the entire time running out to the car to make sure Clovis wasn't getting too hot. When we got back to Denver William's vet told him he should have either left Clovis at home for the entire weekend, or not stopped at all. They decided there had to be a better way, and have been working on PuppTech ever since.
Our Mission...
...is to make sure that dog-owners never have to worry about leaving their dogs in the car. We all want to take our dogs with us, include them in our lives and spend more time with our best friends. At PuppTech we're committed to making sure you'll never have to leave your dog at home again and never have to worry about leaving him in the car. We believe that the back of your car could be just as comfortable for your dog as your home is, and we're developing technology solutions to help make that dream a reality. Our goal is to help you have a better life with your best friend.
Our Team

William Loopesko

Founder/CEO View William Loopesko's LinkedIn profile

William has a background in engineering and a Masters Degree from the Colorado School of Mines. William founded PuppTech out of a desire to spend more time with his dog Clovis.

Windham Loopesko

Co-Founder/Chairman View William Loopesko's LinkedIn profile

Windham has 30 years experience in international business development, marketing and strategy and teaches international business at CU Denver. Windham has an MBA from Chicago and a JD from Harvard.

John Pomponio


John has over 20 years experience in corporate finance. As a Co-Founder and CFO of Gist Communications, he raised $47M over 12 years. John has an MBA from Pace University (NYC).

Frank Roberts

Technical Advisor

Frank, an electrical engineer, has over 20 years experience in technical sales and IoT product design with an emphasis on wireless sensors and embedded firmware applications.

Rigby Johnson


Rigby manages PuppTech's social media pages and is responsible for PuppTech's blog and content marketing efforts.

Sophia Menick

Customer Relations

Sophia manages PuppTech's customer interactions and is responsible putting together and managing email and other marketing efforts.

Matt Knaster


Matt works with PuppTech executives to manage financial and business documents and interactions with investors.

Ethan Lachman

Video Production

Ethan assists with the creation, editing and management of all of PuppTech's video content.

Jeff Peters


Jeff is an avid dog-lover and maintains our blog and press relations and outreach efforts.
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