What is CES and why does it matter?

CES is the Consumer Electronics Show organized by the

Consumer Technology Association.

Held every year in January in Las Vegas, it typically showcases new products and technologies in the Consumer Electronics industry and it is arguably the biggest show in technology.



Why is CES important to PuppTech?

Well, there are several reasons why we feel it is important for us.

*Note*  This list is not exhaustive and these are not in any particular order as they are all important.

  1. Many technology reporters, industry analysts, futurists and industry consultants regularly comb the show, looking for something new. They are looking for new ideas that solve a problem – for the consumer and for business. (PuppTech definitely solves a problem for the pet owner.)
  2. Future product development – It’s important for PuppTech to see what’s new in technology. If we have an idea of what’s coming in technology, if it will benefit our product line, we can learn how to integrate new technologies into our product line where it makes sense to do so.
  3. Networking – Over 180,000 attendees are scheduled to attend this show. There is a lot of value to be gained with so many peers, colleagues, suppliers and competitors to meet and talk with about theirs and our products.
  4. And finally…As part of the Arrow Electronics Certification Program we are featured as a new up and coming product and will be exhibiting as part of their booth. CES is an important stage for smaller companies who don’t have the means or star power to get much attention at at their own events.

CES is one of the best places to see what’s coming to the consumer and what companies are dreaming up. It is THE place to debut what’s new in technology.


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What a GREAT year!

Happy New Year!  We had quite a year around here at PuppTech. PuppTech team After much time, effort, blood, sweat, tears  and stress we had a very successful Indiegogo launch of the PuppComm where we were able to gain over 200 backers!

We’ve also received quite a few awards along the way. Even as recently as this last December 19th,  when we were honored to receive a Flash Funding Award from Indiegogo and Arrow Electronics. We are one of only five companies worldwide and only one of two US based companies to receive this prestigious award. You can read more about this award here.

Wait there’s more!  As part of the Arrow Electronics Certification Program we were selected to be featured in one of their program videos.  William Loopesko our Founder and CEO was interviewed in the video.

And even more…PuppTech was invited to participate in the Arrow Electronics booth at the Consumers Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. We will be demonstrating the PuppComm on January 9th and talking to all the “techie” folks about our dog care technology

We have added quite a few subscribers  to our email list (over 4,300) and it’s still growing. We send a monthly Newsletter and  also have started the Midweek Kibble, a short weekly email with tips and tricks and stories about how to care for your dog.  If you are not receiving these emails but would like to, just send an email to anne@pupptech.com and we’ll get you signed up immediately so you don’t miss another issue! 

We also have added to our teams, and have expanded our social media presence. Like our email list our social media followers is growing as well.  Please follow us on Facebook, and Instagram.  If you are on Twitter, we occasionally post there as well. 

We would like to sincerely thank our supporters and backers and all of our team who have helped make this a great year for PuppTech.  We’re looking forward to continued growth. But our next step is to get the PuppComm into the hands of our backers in mid-April.  We’re still on track to make that delivery and we’re looking forward to making the PuppComm available to dog handlers, working dog owners, dog show folks and all dog lovers who like to travel with their dogs!


Go Exploring with Your Dog!

Here at PuppTech we’re all about taking your dog with you…especially when you’re visiting interesting and beautiful places.  If it’s interesting to you, think about how interesting it is to your dog.  All those new smells to smell! All those new adventures to take!

Since Colorado is filled with beautiful places to explore, we thought we would start you off with some of the scenic places we have right here in our backyard.  We’ve created a series of places to visit with your dog that aren’t too far from Denver. Starting with the iconic Red Rocks where there are beautiful trails to hike and one of the best places to enjoy a concert in the world! So if you are planning a visit to Denver, bring your dog.  We’re pretty dog friendly around here.

If you do visit any of these places or if you have already visited them, please comment on your experience. We would love to hear from you.

So go take a hike…with your dog!






Have you ever wondered why your dog does what he does in your vehicle?

If you’re like many dog owners, you like to take your furry best friend with you many places or even everywhere.  That most likely means you will be taking them with you in your vehicle.  And you’ve probably noticed some interesting things they do while they’re there. Let’s take a look at some of the mysteries and why your dog acts the way they do.


Let’s start off with an easy one. Even if you are with your dog in the car with the windows down, they will often be panting. This generally means that they’re hot. While people will sweat and let the heat dissipate via evaporating sweat, dogs only have little sweat glands in their paws.

Dogs have three primary ways of cooling off. First is by panting, where they circulate air as a means of getting rid of the heat. Second, dogs can drink cool water or take a dip in a nearby body of water. Finally, as we said earlier, the only sweat glands they have is in their paws so they do sweat just a little via their paw pads. It’s just that painting is their primary means of cooling down.

Head Out the Window

There’s probably not just one reason why dogs stick their head out the window; studies conflict on why dogs enjoy doing this, and it’s most likely a combination of them.

  • It cools them down – Dogs may not have sweat glands all over, but they can certainly enjoy the breeze. While they don’t get to experience the joy of sweat evaporating from their bodies, the moving air is causing heat to blow off of them and lets the heat they pant out move away from their space.
  • It overwhelms them with scents – Dogs love to take in scents, and it’s one of their primary means of information gathering. A dog going for a ride is like us stepping through the front entrance of Disneyland or stepping out onto the beach after taking a long trip. It’s an overwhelming amount of changing information, and dogs probably just enjoy letting it wash over them. And oh the smells they smell!

Run Around the Cab

In general, we think it’s a good idea to have your dog restrained in some way, however accidents will happen, and you don’t want your dog flying through the cab like a missile should you have a  collision.

We know that people often do leave their dogs to move about the cab freely. So why is a dog so interested in being seemingly everywhere at once? Part of it is that they want to be near you, so they hop up in the front seat. If they head to the back and look out the window, it gives them a view that they’d never be able to get otherwise: things moving backward at 40 miles per hour! Moving in any direction so quickly is exciting for dogs. They try to take in as much of the strange experience as possible then express their excitement by running around the interior of the vehicle.

One last note. If the only time that you put your dog in the vehicle is to take them to the vet, that running around in the car might be a sign of fear. Your dog could be upset because they associate “being in a car” with “I might be getting a shot and I don’t want my teeth cleaned.” So be sure to take them with you on fun trips, such as to the dog park! Or on a hike.


Chew Things Up 

Yikes that’s your car’s upholstery! So why might a dog chew on your upholstery when you’ve left them in the car alone? (Of course, you only left them alone with the PuppComm!)

The first answer is boredom. When a dog is left alone in a vehicle, they don’t have anything to do. They can’t distract themselves with a smartphone or the radio, so they simply need something to occupy their time. Hey, chewing up the upholstery is something to do!

The second answer is separation anxiety or stress. Even if your dog has gotten used to being alone at home, putting them in a vehicle changes things up considerably. Since there are so many windows, they can actually watch you walk away. Yes, you know that you’ll only be away for 15 minutes, and you’re making sure they’re safe with a dog monitor. But to them, it might be “is this it? is this when they don’t come back? they’re still walking away and I can’t get out this window and they’re gone forever chew chew chew chew chew!”

If your dog is chewer, make sure they have something that they want to chew. A favorite toy or bone will go a long way toward protecting your car’s interior.


Put Their Nose On the Window

You can always find a dog owner by looking at the glass, can’t you? Most dogs figure out glass pretty quickly, and once they know it’s there then they have no problems. But even though they know the glass is there, they’re still just so excited about the trip you’re taking that they want to get out! It might also be a subtle way of telling you that they want the window down. Or the glass is simply in the way of the great smells we talked about earlier!


Relax or just Chill

Some dogs are perfectly happy to just relax in the vehicle. They’re not running around, barking, or sticking their head out the window. They’ll either just sit there quietly or even lay down and take a nap.

You might wonder why they’d be so bored, but then again it’s important to remember that certain dogs just have personalities that don’t make them over-excitable in the car. Maybe their brains just don’t respond to the overwhelming stimulation that a car ride provides. Who knows, maybe they get motion sick if they stare out the side windows and would rather just lie down. Nothing wrong with that!

Take Your Pup with You!

No matter what your dog does in your vehicle, we’re glad that you decided to spend more time with them and take them with you. While traveling with a dog can cause some problems, we’re proud to say that the PuppComm dog all environment temperature monitor can solve one of the big ones: how to take care of your dog when you have to leave them in the car for a short time. Check out the PuppComm here!





Welcome to the New(ish) PuppTech Blog!

If you visited us before, you’ll probably see some changes around here.  We took just a little time off to make sure we were presenting the information and stories you would be interested in reading.  We’re ready to go and we have a bunch of writers in our pack (note the dog inference) preparing blogs as we speak.  We hope to entertain, inform and maybe even inspire you to take your furry best buddy with you on a road trip or two.  And if you already do that… well good boy or girl!

Of course if you have any comments or just want to give us an atta girl/boy we would be happy to hear from you!  Contact us.