What is CES and why does it matter?

CES is the Consumer Electronics Show organized by the

Consumer Technology Association.

Held every year in January in Las Vegas, it typically showcases new products and technologies in the Consumer Electronics industry and it is arguably the biggest show in technology.



Why is CES important to PuppTech?

Well, there are several reasons why we feel it is important for us.

*Note*  This list is not exhaustive and these are not in any particular order as they are all important.

  1. Many technology reporters, industry analysts, futurists and industry consultants regularly comb the show, looking for something new. They are looking for new ideas that solve a problem – for the consumer and for business. (PuppTech definitely solves a problem for the pet owner.)
  2. Future product development – It’s important for PuppTech to see what’s new in technology. If we have an idea of what’s coming in technology, if it will benefit our product line, we can learn how to integrate new technologies into our product line where it makes sense to do so.
  3. Networking – Over 180,000 attendees are scheduled to attend this show. There is a lot of value to be gained with so many peers, colleagues, suppliers and competitors to meet and talk with about theirs and our products.
  4. And finally…As part of the Arrow Electronics Certification Program we are featured as a new up and coming product and will be exhibiting as part of their booth. CES is an important stage for smaller companies who don’t have the means or star power to get much attention at at their own events.

CES is one of the best places to see what’s coming to the consumer and what companies are dreaming up. It is THE place to debut what’s new in technology.


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