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The PuppTech team is made up of dog-loving individuals who spend every day thinking of ways to make the product better and truly believe in the PuppTech mission. Is the cellular service strong enough? If not, find a way to make it stronger. Is the accompanying dog monitor app easy enough to use so that dog owners want to pull it up every time the dog is in the vehicle? If not, make it easier and more accessible.

We each came to PuppTech via different paths but we all agree that using technology to care for our dogs is an important step in keeping dogs safe when we can’t be with them.  This is the first in series of posts that will introduce you to our team and help you understand why we are all so passionate about PuppTech.


What brought me to PuppTech
by Wendy King, CMO


Ruby loves the PuppComm

It all started about 3 years ago when William came to see me at the Denver Metro Small Business Development Center (SBDC) where I am a Business Consultant, to talk about his new product the PuppComm. As soon as he told me about it I said “where were you two weeks ago!?”

You see about two weeks prior to that meeting I had taken my dog Ruby with me to the beauty salon.  I knew she couldn’t come in but I also knew she would be fine waiting for me in my vehicle with windows down.  Ruby loved, loved to go with me wherever I went especially if it was in the car.  She would stick her head out the window, like most dogs do, and sniff the wind.  It was a beautiful spring day in the upper 60s /lower 70s and sunny with a slight wind.  If I tried to leave and not take her she would look at me with those big expressive eyes that went to directly to my heart.

I was in the middle of my hair appointment when  a woman came into the salon and said with an angry voice that someone left a dog in the car and the dog is in distress!  I immediately jumped up and ran outside; wet, half-cut hair and all. The car was parked directly in front of the salon and in the shade so I could see her at all times.   Ruby was perfectly fine and all happy to see me.  You see what the woman didn’t know is that Ruby was a very expressive dog who liked to “talk” to anyone who walked by. She also thought it was her duty to keep all strangers away from her car so when the woman went to check on her near the car, her bark became more urgent.  Ruby was doing her job! The woman also did not know that right after my hair appointment we would be going for a long walk on one of the beautiful trails nearby and one that Ruby loved.

I told William that if I had the PuppComm this confrontation could have been avoided.  I would know that Ruby was fine and the woman would have seen that I was in fact caring for Ruby through technology.  I also told him that as soon as the PuppComm was available I would be one of the first to purchase it. And I did!

While the product was being developed and the company being formed, I stayed in contact with William to follow his progress and offer business advice as needed.  About 6 months ago William reached out to me to see if I would be interested in becoming the Chief Marketing Officer of PuppTech.  He knew I had the experience and knowledge but more importantly he knew I understood the capabilities of the vehicle temperature monitor and that I was a big supporter.

I know some people may not agree with me about leaving my dog in the vehicle, but for me it’s a choice to take my dog with me where she will get to go for a ride and see different things and smell different smells or leave her at home alone. Although I definitely would not have taken Ruby with me if it had been hot or even too cold, I chose to give her more experiences that make her life interesting and thrilling while I had her for the short time our dogs are with us.

I’m very sad to say that Ruby is no longer with me. I miss her all the time but I know she was loved by many and she had a wonderful life, full of great experiences and great road trips.




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