Meet the Team – Founder/CEO

Why I started PuppTech

By William Loopesko, Founder/CEO



I started PuppTech 4 years ago out of a desire to spend more time with my dog Clovis. I had never owned a dog before Clovis and had very little experience with dogs, but as a Coloradan, I was passionate about spending all of my free time outside and wanted to have a strong and adventurous (and furry) companion to be able to share my outings with. Unfortunately taking Clovis to the mountains would inevitably mean long rides in cars and occasional pit stops where I would have no choice but to have Clovis briefly wait for me in the car. As a new dog owner I asked my vet what I should do in these kinds of situations and she told me that I should just avoid those situations by either leaving Clovis at home (which was completely unacceptable) or not stopping at all (which was acceptable). I knew there had to be a better way and set about building what would eventually become PuppTech.

At the time, I was working as a civil engineer for a water engineering firm in Denver, CO. I had a master’s degree in engineering and a bachelor’s degree in geology which meant that I knew absolutely nothing about business. All I knew was that I had a good idea that I was excited about and that I felt compelled to pursue. Starting a business is always a daunting proposition but is especially so without any knowledge of or experience in business.

Building PuppTech has meant quitting my job and foregoing a paycheck for more than two years, breaking up with my girlfriend, and selling my house and moving back into my parent’s basement. For most 30-year olds these would all be signs of a life stuck in reverse gear, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it sometimes seemed like that was what was happening to me. This was especially true in the early days when it was just a handful of us against the world; seemingly the only ones crazy enough to think that this was a good idea. Like any startup, PuppTech has a constant roller coaster of emotions with the lowest of lows followed by the highest of highs, often all in one day.

Suffice it to say, with my initial lack of experience and knowledge in all things related to business and technology, this idea would have never made it off the ground and become what it is today without the support and dedication of the incredible group of people I get to work with every day, many of whom have spent several years working for PuppTech simply for stock and the belief that it might someday be worth something. Four years ago, PuppTech was just me, my father, my dog and a crazy idea. Since then we’ve grown to 16 employee-shareholders and more than a dozen other investors, advisors, and mentors who have invested in PuppTech either directly or through their tireless enthusiasm for and dedication to our vision. I am truly grateful and humbled everyday to be working with such smart, talented people and impressed with the energy, creativity and expertise they each bring to everything they do.

But, while we’ve come a long way, we’re really just getting started. In the next few months, we’re finally going to get our product and software into the hands of our hundreds of devoted crowdfunding backers who are eagerly awaiting them.  Our engineers have ambitious plans for new software features and functionality that we’ll continue working on so that our product is constantly evolving and getting better at keeping every individual dog safe. Our marketing and sales teams are already planning new markets that we can target where we know there are dog owners that would benefit from our K9 technology. With all of these plans in place, and with the continued commitment and growth of our amazing team, we’re well positioned for continued growth as we look towards being able to say that our environment monitoring solution helps thousands of dog owners better care for their dogs when they can’t be with them.