Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here's where we've answered the most common questions that we get about the PuppComm.
How does the PuppComm system work?
The PuppComm uses temperature and humidity sensors to determine the heat index in your dog's environment. It then uses this information — along with our proprietary breed-specific BSCUIT technology which includes your dog's breed, age, weight, and other factors — to determine if your dog is too hot, too cool, or comfortable. Every PuppComm also comes with window stickers with a unique code which passersby can text to receive a report on their phones about the current conditions in the vehicle. That way, they can also see that your dog is comfortable.
Why does the PuppComm need a cellular plan?
The PuppComm connects to your phone through AT&T’s Nationwide 4G LTE cellular network so that it will work anytime, anywhere — even if there's no WiFi. Many places where you'll be using your PuppComm don't necessarily have WiFi available, so the cellular connection is needed to make sure you can still get the information you need to be able to care for your dog.
I don’t have AT&T. Can I still use the PuppComm?
Yes! The PuppComm uses its own cellular plan, managed through our online portal. This plan is independent of your own cellular service, and can therefore be used with any smartphone on any network — so long as your smartphone is connected to WiFi or a cellular data plan.
What does it mean to be Arrow Certified?
Arrow Electronics, a Fortune 500 supplier of electronic components, has reviewed the PuppComm’s design and concept and has certified that PuppTech will be able to manufacture and deliver PuppComms to our crowdfunding and pre-order customers.
What is the Heat Index, and why do you use it?
Based on advice from our veterinary partners, and in order to be more accurate, we use the heat index — which combines temperature and humidity, so that you can have a more accurate idea of how your dog actually feels in a given environment.
You were named one of the Top 50 Startups in the World. What does that mean?
PuppTech has worked with TiE Rockies, the Colorado chapter of TiE Global, the largest business angel network in the world. In May of 2017, TiE Rockies nominated PuppTech to participate in this worldwide competition, with over 3,600 entrants — and PuppTech was selected as one of the 50 best startups. PuppTech’s selection as one of the 2017 Top 50 startups shows these business angels’ confidence in the PuppTech management team, technology, and market.
How does BSCUIT know what’s safe for my dog?
BSCUIT, our proprietary Breed-Specific Climate Understanding Information Technology, uses your dog’s breed, age, weight, nose shape, and other factors in order to create custom temperature and heat index ranges at which they are most comfortable.
Are there working Veterinarians or other dog professionals on your team?
Yes. We have a number of veterinarians on our advisory board and are working with a number of other dog professionals. We aim to partner with veterinary schools and research institutes in the future to develop ever-more accurate information on environmental conditions and their effects on individual dog breeds.
Can I use the PuppComm for my children?
NO. Parents should NEVER leave their children alone in a car unless they are old enough to responsibly understand the danger and free themselves if conditions change. While responsible dog owners may encounter many places where they can’t bring their dogs, there is no place that a responsible parent cannot take their children when they leave the car.

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