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You say you were named one of the top 50 startups in the world. What does that mean?

In May 2017 PuppTech was named as one of the top 50 startups in the world out of over 3600 startup from all over the world. The organization that granted us this award is TiE Global which is one of the largest entrepreneurial organizations in the world with over 60 chapters across the globe. In order to win this award our CEO travelled to Silicon Valley to compete in a pitch competition with judges consisting of investors and executives from the TiE global organization. For more information check out the articles from May 2017 on our News and Press.

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Why does my dog need a PuppComm?

Your dog needs a PuppComm for when they want to be out of the house and in the mountains, at the dog park, the beach, or anywhere else that you're going together because you no longer have to worry about leaving them in the car. We like to say that the real value of the PuppComm is felt when you're not using it because you're spending time with your dog instead.

You say you were named one of the top 50 startups in the world. What does that mean?

In May 2017 PuppTech was named as one of the top 50 startups in the world out of over 3600 startups from all over the world. The organization that granted us this award is TiE Global which is one of the largest entrepreneurial organizations in the world with over 60 chapters across the globe. In order to win this award our CEO travelled to Silicon Valley to compete in a pitch competition with judges consisting of investors and executives from the TiE global organization. For more information check out the articles from May 2017 on our News and Press Page

What if I'm worried about my dog getting too cold?

The PuppComm is designed to work for any climate extreme, hot or cold, dry or humid, we want to make sure you know when your dog is any kind of dangers. The same alerts that work get when your dog is getting too hot will also trigger when your dog is getting too cold. You'll also be able to set what you believe to be your dog's minimum comfortable temperature or we'll be able to recommend one for you.

I have a suggestion or comment?

We welcome any feedback you have! Please email any questions, comments or concerns to or email us directly through our Contact Us page.

Why would I leave my dog in the car?

At PuppTech we believe in having fun with your dog as often as possible (that's the whole point of having a dog). However, when you're on the road, practical limitations, like using the restroom or finding a place to eat, can force you to have need to leave your dog in the car. The PuppComm allows you to monitor the temperature and humidity inside your car so you always know that your dog is safe, even when you need to stop at a place where your best friend can't come inside.

Can I use the PuppComm for other animals?

Of course. While the PuppComm and the focus of PuppTech as a whole is clearly intended for dogs, people have told us they're excited to use the PuppComm for their horses, cats, and lots of other pets. If your worried about how your animal might feel while you're away, then you can use the PuppComm to make sure it's safe.

What about kids?

Unfortunately, this is a question that comes up a lot. The PuppComm should never be used to monitor children (or any other humans) in the car under any circumstances. Unlike animals, which can't come into many stores, restaurants, offices, etc..., kids can always come with you in the places you stop. So you should always take your children with you instead of leaving them in the car. Always.

Isn't it illegal to leave a dog in a car?

This really depends on where you are. These laws can vary tremendously from state to state and even town to town so check with your local authorities. In our home state of Colorado, it's legal for "Good Samaritans" to smash a car's window to rescue a dog that they believe to be in distress.

Who is the PuppComm designed for?

We're obviously biased, but we believe that every dog owner has at some point needed a PuppComm. The PuppComm is designed for anyone that worries about their dog's safety, particularly when their dog is away from the familiar comforts of home. If you love spending time with you best friend in places that require bringing your dog in the car, then the PuppComm is especially designed for you.

I'm a member of the press interested in your story? What should I do?

We always love talking to reporters, bloggers and story tellers and several of them have featured our story. To get started, you can check out our News and Press page and then just email us directly through our Contact Us page. Makes sure that in the form you let us know you're a member of the press.

Do you have sneak peak of how your product will work?

Yes. But it's only available to our pre-order customers. To get an exclusive, under the hood look, at exactly how our app will work, pre-order your PuppComm and then we'll send you instructions.

I love it. I've already pre-ordered my PuppComm. What else can I do to help? Do you have a brand ambassador program?

We apprecciate the love. Right now, the most important thing you can do is to make sure that as many people as possible know about PuppTech. Share us on social media, tell your neighbors, share us on your blog, etc... We don't yet have a brand ambassador program but if this something that you're interested in helping us start then don't hesitate to reach out to reach out to us directly on our Contact Us page.

What is the PuppComm?

The PuppComm is a portable dog monitor. Fitting in the palm of your hand, this device sports a temperature sensor, humidity sensor and microphone, letting you know how hot your dog is and if they’re in distress.The PuppComm comes connected to a cellular data plan in order to connect with the app on your smartphone. Using our companion iOS and Android app, PuppComm owners will be able to view temperature, humidity, and sound data in real time and get alerts about any changes before they become problems.

How do I use the PuppComm?

Our companion app makes using the PuppComm easy. Simply turn the PuppComm on and follow the instructions to pair it with your Android or iOS device. Place the PuppComm in the same area as your dog and watch the temperature, humidity, and safety notices from your phone.

Do I have to put the PuppComm in a specific place in the car?

The PuppComm can be left anywhere in the car near your dog with just a few exceptions. For best usage, you won't want to leave the PuppComm in an enclosed area such as glove box or a center console. The PuppComm will also work better if it's up close to the windows instead of floating around on the floor. Finally, you want to make sure the PuppComm isn't left in direct sunlight since this will falsely raise the temperature the unit measures. We're currently working a series of attachments that will make it easy for you to hang the PuppComm on a head rest or set it in a cup-holder.

Does the PuppComm require a monthly fee?

Yes, we will need to charge a small monthly fee (probably around $3-$5/month) to offset the cost of the cellular data plan that your PuppComm needs to transmit data to your phone. For ease of billing, we'll offer discounted yearly plans so you don't have to worry about us every month. I

How do the window stickers help protect my car's windows?

We can't give away too many of the details on this but basically, the window stickers let anyone who's concerned see the temperature inside your car from their phone and without having to be in your car. They can do this just a few seconds and without having to download an app so it's easier for them to check on your dog then it is to smash your windows.

How long will the battery last?

We're still trying to figure out the exact battery specifications, but we can promise that the batteries will last much longer than you're dog would ever want to be left alone without you.

Is the PuppComm battery replaceable?

The PuppComm will be powered by a small rechargeable Li-Poly battery which is not intended to be user replaceable.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

This is one of the things that we're still trying to figure out in the design process and which we will have to get back to you on. We don't expect that it will be more than a few hours.

Is the PuppComm app free?

Yes, the PuppComm app will be free to download on the App and Google Play stores. There will however be a small monthly fee to pay to access the cellular network that the PuppComm uses to stream data to your phone.

Why can't the PuppComm connect over wifi so it doesn't need a cellular data plan?

We've designed the PuppComm to work wherever your dog needs it to, even if there's no wifi. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) wifi coverage is still very limited, especially in the places where you and your dog want to go on adventures. By hooking the PuppComm up to its own data plan, we make sure that it can work in all of the places that you need to make sure your dog is safe (as long as there's cell phone coverage).

What specific features does the PuppComm include?

The PuppComm includes a small but carefully selected set of sensors to give you everything you need to know your dog is safe. A thermometer monitors any changes in ambient temperature around your dog. A humidity sensor combines with the data from the thermometer to tell you how your dogs actually feels. A microphone will let you know if your dog is barking, whining, or making other noises that sound an awful lot like he's chewing on your upholstery. A GPS will make sure you never forget where you left your dog, and will make sure other people you send to take care of your dog will know exactly where to find him.

What if the PuppComm's battery dies while I'm using the PuppComm?

Ideally, this will never happen because our app will tell you when you need to charge your PuppComm. However, just in case, you'll receive alerts as the PuppComm's battery gets down to critical levels so you can take care of this problem before the PuppComm actually dies.

What if something happens to me and I can't get back to take care of my dog when I need to?

You'll be able to customize the app to include emergency backup contacts that will be automatically dispatched to your car if you aren't responding to our alerts. As we grow, we'll be integrating in local service professionals that we can automatically send to check on your dog if there's a problem.

I have a chihuahua and a husky. They don't feel temperature in the same way. Does your app acount for that?

Yes. We know that dogs don't feel temperature in the same way. So we're working with our veterinary partners so that the app sends alerts that are tailored specifically to your dog. You'll also have the flexibility to set the alerts to whatever level you feel is best for your dog.

I'm worried I'll miss the alerts. How can you make sure I get them?

As long as your phone is on and in cellular coverage, you'll get them. We're programming the alerts to get more persistent and more obnoxious as conditions for your dog get more serious. By the time you need to know, we'll make sure you already know.

How does the PuppComm cool my dog?

The PuppComm itself is only a monitoring device for your dog. The PuppComm will help you and everyone else know that your dog is safe but, using the PuppComm without any kind of cooling solution will NOT cool your dog. In the future we plan on offering a variety of third-party cooling solutions that you will be able to bundle with your PuppComm if you are concerned about your car getting too hot for your dog.

Does the PuppComm come with a charging cable?

The PuppComm will include everything you need to use it right out of the box including a USB cable to recharge the battery (the same kind of cable you use to recharge your phone).

What if my phone loses the cellular connection with the PuppComm?

Just like with the battery level, this should never happen because we'll send you alerts when the signal strength is getting low so you can take care of this situation before it becomes a problem. However, if something happens and the PuppComm suddenly stops talking to the app, we'll make sure you know.

What if I forget my phone or it dies?

We're doing as much as we can to make the PuppComm as safe and redundant as possible but if your phone is dead, or if you forget to take it with you, there's only so much we can do. You will however, be able to program backup and emergency contacts who can get back to your dog if you are unable to for whatever reason.

Why was PuppTech founded?

PuppTech was founded because our founder, William Loopesko, was tired of worrying about leaving his dog in the car when he wanted to take him out on adventures. We were founded on the idea that our dogs are our best friends and that they should always get to come along for the ride. Find out more about our company's story by visiting our About Us page.

What is PuppTech?

We are the Dog IoT Company! We are a startup based in Denver, Colorado working to make cars safer for dogs. Our product, the PuppComm, will help you ensure that Fido and Fluffy are protected when you have to leave them in the car. By using the PuppComm, you can enjoy more time with your dog and travel in the car with ease.

What are your plans for future products and services?

We have plans to use the data we collect from the PuppComm to significantly increase the functionality of the app and make it much more useful to you. We also are working with our partners in the military to develop a commercial grade monitoring and analytics platform for owners of multiple high end-dogs who are concerned on a daily basis about the safety of their furry partners.

Are you working with veterinarians and other dog professionals?

Getting professional input on our technology has been a very important part of our strategy from the start. Our advisory board contains members of the veterinary, dog show, police K9, and military working dog communities who have shared their expertise with us to help us design our product.

Do you have a blog?

Our blog is currently under construction but we're working hard to have it back up soon. If you are interested in guest blogging opportunities, please reach out to us using our Contact Us page.

Are you interested in partnership opportunities?

As a small company looking to get our name out there, we are always interested in partnering with other dog-loving companies. If you're interested in discussing potential partnership opportunities with us, please send us an email through the form on our Contact Us page.

Who is on PuppTech's team?

Our team is composed of innovators, technologists, marketers and business people. All of us are brought together by a belief in the idea that traveling with your dog in the car shouldn't have to be stressful and dangerous. To learn more about our team, visit our About Us page.

How do I order a PuppComm?

We are currently accepting PuppComm pre-orders for $97 on our Pre-order page.

When can I expect to get my pre-order?

We are currently expecting to ship our first batch by the end of January 2018. We'll be able to ship more batches more frequently after the first one as we need to.

Is my pre-order refundable?

Yes. Your pre-order is 100% refundable until we start manufacturing your unit. We'll email you before we start making it to make sure you still want it.

I want to order multiple PuppComms?

You can certainly order multiple PuppComms! In the order checkout, you can type the desired quantity of PuppComms before making your purchase. Please note: At this time, PuppTech does not have an order form for businesses or bulk buyers. Our team is hard at work making sure we can get the PuppComm to everyone who needs one and we hope to be able to handle these kinds of orders soon.

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