Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The PuppComm

Where do I put the PuppComm in my car?

The PuppComm is designed to go anywhere in your car. However, if you put it in direct sunlight that will significantly throw off the readings that it's measuring inside your car. Also if you put it anywhere that's enclosed (such as your glove box) that will significantly reduce its ability to properly measure the temperature and transmit data to your phone. The PuppComm can also be used to monitor your dog's temperature in other places such as his dog house, the inside of your house if you don't have AC, or anywhere else you might be concerned about your dog's safety.

Can the PuppComm go on my dog's collar?

We are still designing the final form factor for the PuppComm. While we aren't designing the PuppComm to be a wearable for your pet we do intend to make it small enough that you can put it on your dog's collar if you would like.

Why does the PuppComm have a GPS if my dog is just staying in the car?

The GPS is a critically important part of the PuppComm. You can use it to track your dog if you attach the PuppComm to his collar or if your car is stolen. Moreover, the GPS will help other people know where your dog is if we need to send someone out to take care of your dog in case something happens to you that prevents you from getting back to your dog.  

How long will battery on my PuppComm last?

We are still in the process of designing our battery and so don't fully know the answer to this question yet but we are expecting that the PuppComm will be powered by a rechargeable battery that will keep it powered for a couple of days of continuous use.

Cooling Systems

What kinds of cooling systems will you be selling with the PuppComm?

We are currently looking at several different kinds of cooling systems to identify the ones that will work the best to keep your dog safe and cool in the car. Most of these systems are powered by ice so that they draw low amounts of power and don't produce any heat that you would need to vent out your car's window. Once these cooling systems have been properly tested, we will make them available on our website to purchase with your PuppComm.

How big are these cooling systems?

We expect to be able to sell a variety of cooling systems which range in size from a small cooler to large dog crate (which could keep your dog cool in an SUV in 100-degree heat). We'll provide more information on these systems as we find out more about them.

The App

How does the PuppComm communicate with the app?

The PuppComm will include an all-new long range Bluetooth transmitter that can broadcast 0.5-0.75 miles. By using Bluetooth technology, the PuppComm won't require a monthly fee and will work even where your cellphone won't. The PuppComm also has a cellular chip inside it and you can choose to upgrade a to a cellular plan for more robust communication with you unit.

Is there a monthly fee for this communication?

There is no monthly fee to use the PuppComm with just the long-range Bluetooth technology. However if you want to upgrade to our cellular plan and access some of the PuppComm's more advanced features, you can upgrade to our premium plan for $15/month.
We are also developing a Pro plan for working dog handlers and other professionals who need to be able to monitor multiple dogs with multiple units. The Pro plan will cost $30/month/user.

Will the smartphone app be both on iOs and Android? What about Windows and Blackberry?

We plan on developing our app for Iphone and Android operating systems first. Later versions may include development for Windows and Blackberry systems.

If the PuppComm somehow fails (or isn’t working as I think it should) will I get notification of that via the smartphone app?

Yes.  The PuppComm system is configured so that if your smartphone is on and communication with the PuppComm is cut off for any reason, an alarm will sound on your smartphone.

What happens if I go out of the PuppWaggin's range?

The PuppComm is designed to allow you to visit stores, offices, restaurants or other locations where you will need to stop.  In these places, it is extremely unlikely that you will be going more than 0.5-0.75 miles away from your car.  Generally, if you're going a long distance from you car (hiking for example), we want you to bring your dog with you (that’s why you brought them . . . ). However, if you do go out of the PuppComm's range you will receive an alert through the app letting you know to get back in range.


Are you working with vets or other safety organizations?

We are working closely in the development stages with a number of veterinarians and pet safety organizations to make sure that the PuppComm and the cooling systems we're selling with it are based on solid science and meet the safety concerns of veterinarians and other pet safety organizations.

When do you launch?

Currently we are looking for funding for the final development of the PuppWaggin' and to set up the manufacturing. We hope to be able to have our first units out early next year, with the full product anticipated for next summer.

How much will the PuppWaggin' cost?

We anticipate that the PuppWaggin' will retail for $499 once we hit full production.

Isn't it alway dangerous to leave a dog in a car?

Currently you shouldn't leave a dog in a car unless the temperature is under 65 degrees (though we never recommend doing so). We're developing the PuppWaggin' because we know that all most every dog owner has at one point needed to leave their dog in the car when the temperature was 65 degrees, and knows how much of a dilemma this can pose.

Still have more questions? We're happy to answer any inquiries through the form on our contact page?