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PuppTech is developing the world's first ever system designed specifically to enable dog-owners to leave their dog in the car on even the hottest day of the summer so they can spend more time traveling with their dogs and less time worrying about it. We believe that nobody got a dog to leave it at home and that we should always get to take our dogs along for the ride, regardless of how hot it is outside. Our PuppComm allows dog-owners to be able to check on their dog through a smartphone app and includes an interface for passersby and law-enforcement to be able to check on the temperature inside the car. PuppTech is building an e-commerce platform to sell cooling systems that have been tested to ensure they work to keep dogs safe in cars. By bundling the PuppComm with these cooling units, PuppTech provides dog owners with a complete solution to address all of the concerns dog-owners have about leaving their dogs in the car.


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