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PuppTech is developing the world's first ever system designed specifically to enable dog-owners to leave their dog in the car on even the hottest day of the summer so they can spend more time traveling with their dogs and less time worrying about it. We believe that nobody got a dog to leave it at home and that we should always get to take our dogs along for the ride, regardless of how hot it is outside. Our PuppComm allows dog-owners to be able to check on their dog through a smartphone app and includes an interface for passersby and law-enforcement to be able to check on the temperature inside the car. PuppTech is building an e-commerce platform to sell cooling systems that have been tested to ensure they work to keep dogs safe in cars. By bundling the PuppComm with these cooling units, PuppTech provides dog owners with a complete solution to address all of the concerns dog-owners have about leaving their dogs in the car.

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PuppTech Can Help You Protect Dogs from Dangerously Hot Cars.

Summer is a great time to take your dog outside to play in the sun, whether hiking, biking, or playing fetch. But what if you have to leave your dog in the car? Every year, hundreds of dogs die from being left too long in a hot vehicle. One study shows that with an outside temperature of 90°F (32C), in just 30 minutes, a car can heat to over 120°F (49C). Breaking a window may save a dog’s life, but what if you could know that they’re safe before the damage?

PuppTech, a new Denver start-up, has a solution for dog owners to live that reality. Their PuppComm monitors the temperature of your car and tells you in real time. After pairing with your smartphone, the PuppComm measures heat and humidity to provide apparent temperature of the vehicle. A microphone captures sound to let you know if your dog is in distress and a GPS keeps track of their location. This information is instantly available through PuppTech’s Android and iOS app over a cellular or proprietary long-range Bluetooth network.

Want to let a passerby know that your dog is safe? The included window sticker tells them your dog is in good hands. Each PuppComm is equipped with a unique ID displayed on the sticker, which can be entered into the app allowing concerned strangers to see the car temperature or contact the owner. This interface is patent-pending.

In addition to preventing injury to your dog and damage to your car, PuppTech is determined to prevent your car from overheating in the first place. To keep your dog cool, the company is selling portable air-conditioning units on their e-commerce platform. Together with the PuppComm, this solution gives you more freedom to travel and more time with your furry pal.

This month, a Colorado law was passed giving legal protections to people breaking dogs out of dangerously hot cars. To be immune from criminal or civil liability, a person would have to meet several criteria, including an attempt to contact the vehicle owner, reasonable belief that the person or animal inside would suffer serious bodily harm or death, and contacting law enforcement. The law is a good step toward safety, but PuppTech lets you prevent overheating and protect your dog before they’re in danger.

At PuppTech, we know that sometimes you need to leave your dog in the car, and we’re committed to helping keep them safe. Visit our website at to learn more and pre-order the PuppComm.


Soon Dog Owners Will Have A Safe Choice To Leave A Dog In A Car

Sadly, hundreds of dogs die every year as a result of being left in a hot car. Many people do not realize how quickly the temperature rises in a parked car - even when it is seemingly cooler outside. We are already starting to hear in 2016 about the unfortunate dog accidents that result in death.

This is a short-lived problem. There is a solution right around the corner. By next summer dog owners will be able to purchase a battery operated Pup Waggin’ for their car to keep their dog safe while traveling.

The story of the Pup Waggin’ begins in the mountains of Colorado when a father and son want to climb a 14er during the month of July. William and Windham Lopesko brought William’s dog Clovis with them for the fun weekend adventure. On the way home they stopped for lunch; it ended up being one of the worst lunches ever. It was hot and William was concerned about Clovis and how hot the car was getting. When they returned to Denver, William called his vet who told him they should have left Clovis at home in the air conditioning. That is when William decided to put his engineering expertise to work and find a better way.

The Pup Waggin’ (Patent Pending) is the world’s first portable air conditioning system designed specifically for keeping dogs in parked cars cool and safe. This system comes with three easy to use pieces. The portable battery operated cooling unit, a mobile application to keep track of the car’s current temperature, humidity and remaining battery power in the unit and a window display that provides those walking past the car an assurance that the dog is safe including a real-time temperature reading inside the car.

Hard to Believe?
Take a look at the test results yourself. Visit Go Pawsible’s website to see the results:

About William Loopesko
William is a twenty-eight engineer who enjoys the active life Colorado has to offer. He loves spending time in the mountains and invented the Pup Waggin’ so he could have a safe way to travel with his dog Clovis. Interest in the Pup Waggin’ has been so overwhelming that William left his job as an engineer to work full time on the commercialization of the Pup Waggin’.

To reserve one of the first Pup Waggin’ units visit

To talk with William about how to keep dogs safe in cars call him at 303-330-7555.

In the news

12/15/2016- PuppTech competes as one of the finalists in the Startup Denver 2016 Year-end Battle of the Pitches

In its final public event of the year, PuppTech pitched to a panel of investors and entrepreneurs as one of the finalists in the Startup Denver 2016-year end battle of the pitches. 

12/1/2016- PuppTech pitches as one of the finalists at the Denver SBDC December Trout Tank Event

PuppTech was selected out of 12 companies participating in the Fall 2016 Trout Tank Pitch Accelerator program as one of four finalists to pitch in the December 2016 Trout Tank Final Event to a room full of investors and entrepreneurs. 

9/16/2016- Go Pawsible (now PuppTech) wins Techstars Pitch Competition as part of Denver Startup Week.

Go Pawsible was selected out of 8 companies as the winner of the TechStars Pitch Competition event that was part of Denver Startup Week after pitching to a panel of investors and accelerator program directors. Go Pawsible won the opportunity to pitch in front of the TechStars selection committee for admission into their Winter 2017 class. 

7/28/2016- Go Pawsible (now PuppTech) wins Startup Denver July Pitch Battle.

Go Pawsible was selected out of 4 companies as the winner of the July Startup Denver competition after pitching to a panel of judges and entrepreneurs. 

6/21/2016- Denver inventor has device to keep dogs cool in hot vehicles- Fox31 News Denver

DENVER -- There are stories every summer and always just as tragic: Someone left their dog in a hot car. It doesn’t take long for the worst to happen.
Denver resident and inventor William Loopesko, a dog owner, wants to change that...


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