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Prototype testing procedure

While we're constantly revising our testing procedure to increase the accuracy of our results, all of the tests follow the same basic procedure.

  1. Two cars are parked facing the same direction without any shade nearby. The cool car has the Pup Waggin' and our CEO's dog Clovis inside; the hot car has nothing in it to see how hot it gets without the Pup Waggin'. We keep the windows and doors fully closed for both cars during the test.
  2. Multiple thermometers are set up in the hot car and cool car to measure the temperature at multiple points in the car. Temperatures at all of these points are recorded every five minutes by Go Pawsible team members. Additionally temperature dataloggers are placed in both cars and outside to automatically record the temperature every minute.

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After 1 hour of testing:
80 °F
Average Cool Car Temperature
112 °F
Average Hot Car Temperature
89 °F
Average Outside Temperature
1290 Minutes
That our dog, Clovis, has been safe in a parked car when he shouldn't have been.

Prototype Test Results

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