Introducing the

The PuppComm is the first product designed specifically to make sure you always know your dog is safe when you need to leave him in the car.

Your Dog Misses You When You're Away


With PuppTech's solution you'll never leave your pet behind again.

Features designed for peace of mind

We've designed the PuppComm to include all of the features that you need to be able to check on your dog's safety and comfort wherever they are. 

Never leave home without it.

With the PuppComm, you'll never have to wonder about how your best friend is doing while you're away.

The PuppComm lets you check on your dog while they safely wait for you in the car and alerts you about changes before they become problems.

An email from your dog

With the PuppComm, your dog will let you know when he wants you to come back, and you'll get alerts about any changes in temperature or signal losses so you can get back to your dog before anything happens to him. 

Make Your Car Your Dog's Happy Place

With the PuppComm you'll never have to worry about leaving them in there.

We're designing the PuppComm so you'll always know your dog is happy to be in the car.

Be there even when you aren't there

It's like you never even left!

With the PuppComm, you can always know what's happening to your dog, even when you can't be there to take care of them. The PuppComm can be placed anywhere inside your car and will monitor the environment around your dog and stream data to an app on your smartphone so you can check on them and know they're safe.

Keep your dog cool in the car!


We know how quickly a car can quickly heat up to a temperature that's dangerous for your dog. That's why it's not enough to just be able to check on your dog; you also need to be able to keep them cool so you feel ok about leaving them in the car. At PuppTech, we are working with our engineering and veterinary partners to test various portable air conditioning and cooling solutions on the market to evaluate how well they work in the car to keep your dog cool. We know how important it is to you to know your dog is safe, so we want to make sure we only recommend units that we can trust to keep your dogs safe and cool. We are currently testing these units and are excited to be able to share the results with you shortly. Check back often and join our mailing list to receive updates on what we find out.