Know your dog is safe | Always
Introducing the PuppComm-
Never worry again about leaving your dog in the car.
Why do you need a PuppComm?
The PuppComm will help you spend more quality time with your best friend.
How does the PuppComm work?
The PuppComm helps you know your dog is always safe in the car.
Features designed for your peace of mind.
Temperature Sensor
Measures the temperature in your car so you know when your dog's getting too hot.
Humidity Sensor
Dog's feel hotter when it's humid so we make sure you know when conditions are safe.
So you can know if your dog is barking, whining, or chewing on your upholstery.
The GPS makes the PuppComm into a pet tracker so you always know where your dog is.
Proprietary Long-range Bluetooth
Bluetooth with a range of 3/4 of a mile let's you check on your dog without a monthly fee.
Optional Nationwide Cellular
Upgrade to cellular so you can check on your dog from anywhere.
Ready to safely spend more time with your dog?
We're building an e-commerce platform to be able to sell portable cooling systems that work to keep your dog safe in the car. We are currently testing these systems and will only sell those that will work the best to keep your dog cool.
The PuppComm streams data directly from inside your car to an app on your smartphone so you can check on your dog and get alerts about any changes before they become problems.
The PuppComm includes a unique patent pending system to allow anyone who's worried about seeing your dog in your car to check on the temperature inside your car without needing to smash your windows.
Your dog misses you when you're away.
You never want to leave your dog at home.
With PuppTech's system you can make sure your dog never has to wait for you at home again.
An email from your dog
Always know your dog is safe
With the PuppComm you can check on your dog to know they're safe, and get alerts about any changes, long before they become problems.
Never Leave Home Without It
Just like a leash, you'll always want to have the PuppComm on hand.
Because keeping your dog safe can always be easy with PuppTech.