Your Dog Misses You When You're Away


With the PuppWaggin' you'll never leave your pet behind again.


Now you can leave your dog in the car!

With the PuppWaggin' they'll always be cool and safe.



The PuppWaggin' keeps your dog safe and cool in the car for up to 2 hours, even when it's over 100 degrees outside.


The PuppWaggin' streams data from inside the car directly to an app on your phone so you can check on your dog and know he's ok.


A window display shows the temperature in the car so anyone walking by the car knows the dog is safe, comfortable and being checked on.

The PuppWaggin' will retail for $499, but we are currently accepting pre-orders at a 60% discount. For a limited time, you can pre-order your PuppWaggin' with a fully-refundable $100 dollars now and another $97 when it ships.

Make Your Car Your Dog's Happy Place

With the PuppWaggin' they'll love being in there

We've been testing the PuppWaggin' to make sure your dog will always be happy in the car.

Simple Science + Modern Technology =

A New Way to Keep Dogs Safe


When Can I use the PuppWaggin'?

There are hundreds of uses for the PuppWaggin'. Here are just 3 of the most popular ones.

Day Trips
Take your dog hiking, and stop for lunch on the way home.
Dog Parks
Stop for errands after the park, without having to drop your dog off at home first.
Road Trips
Road trip with your dog and stop when you need to, worry free.

The PuppWaggin' App

Always Know That Your Dog is Safe

There are other portable air conditioners that could keep a dog cool in a car, but only the PuppWaggin' also keeps an eye on your dog with its built-in monitoring system and custom designed app. Thanks to the app, the PuppWaggin' won’t just let you set it and forget it- instead, you’ll have a live feed from your car to your smartphone so that you can check on your best friend and anticipate situations before they become problems. Now you can stop wondering how your dog is doing and instead enjoy that lunch; but if you want to know, finding out is just a swipe away.

Our Dogs Love Coming Along for the Ride

But thousands of dog die in hot cars every year.

With the PuppWaggin' your dog will never have to wait in a hot car again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I use my PuppWaggin'?

While the PuppWaggin’ has been designed for in-car use, because it is portable, it can be used in your home or any other enclosed space – and you’ll be able to know through your smartphone app that your dog is safe and comfortable.

How many dogs will the PuppWaggin’ work with?

The PuppWaggin’ can work with any number of dogs, depending on the size of the space to be cooled.  While the body heat from a number of dogs may make a slight difference in the temperature, such effects should not be significant.

How big is the PuppWaggin’?

The PuppWaggin’ is the size of a standard portable wheeled cooler – our current prototype, which we believe will have the same dimensions as the completed unit, is 23” long, 17” wide and 18” high.  

Has the PuppWaggin’ been certified by vets or other pet safety organizations?

We are working closely in the development stages with a number of veterinarians and pet safety organizations to make sure that the PuppWaggin’ is based upon solid science and meets the safety concerns of veterinarians and other pet safety organizations.  Check back frequently on our web site, where we will be publishing information from vets and other organizations, as well as the testing results.

How long will the PuppWaggin’ keep my dog safe?

The dog will remain safe as long as the cooler contains ice that has not melted.  We will be doing extensive testing to determine how long the PuppWaggin’ can keep dogs safe.  Much depends on the outside temperature and the nature of your specific dog – its size, coat and other physical characteristics.  We will be working with vets to develop a “maximum safe temperature” for different categories of dogs and will base the alarm thresholds on the different temperatures we define.

Is there a maximum temperature above which the PuppWaggin’ stops working?

Obviously, the PuppWaggin’ will work longer when it’s 70 degrees outside than at 100 degrees, but there is no temperature where it stops being effective.

How much ice do I need to fill my PuppWaggin’ with?

The PuppWaggin’ cooler compartment can hold up to 30 pounds of ice cubes (you can have more if you use a combination of blocks and cubes).  The more ice you put in, the longer the PuppWaggin’ will be able to keep your dog cool.

How heavy is the PuppWaggin’ when it’s empty?

The PuppWaggin’ prototype (which does not include the battery and other electronics) when empty weighs 18 pounds.  We estimate that the completed version will weight approximately 20-22 pounds.

Can I put the PuppWaggin’ anywhere in my car?

You can put the PuppWaggin’ anywhere in the car it fits.

Am I better off loading the PuppWaggin’ up with block or cubes of ice?

What we've found so far is that the PuppWaggin' will cool with ice cubes but for less time, and will cool less with blocks but for a longer period of time.