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The portable device so you can easily check on your dog's comfort from anywhere
  • Check on your dog to know how they're doing when you're away. 
  • Receive alerts/notifications about any changes in your dog's environment before they become problems. 
  • Passersby interface so you don't have to worry about strangers trying to rescue your dog. 

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Key Features
Tech Specs
What's in the box
Key Features
Easy to use interface

PuppTech's app puts all of the information you need on one screen to make it super easy to check on your dog.

Custom Alerts/Notifications

We'll send you alerts about changes in heat-index, when your battery is disconnected so you know when you need to go back to care for your dog.

Passersby Interface

PuppTech's unique passersby interface is powered by stickers, window/windshield shades and lets anyone check on your dog in the car so they can see you're checking on them.

Customization with BSCUIT

Our proprietary BSCUIT algorithm uses veterinary science so you don't have to guess when your dog might be getting too hot.

Tech Specs
  • Works on Android OS Marshmallow or newer
  • Work on iPhones SE or newer with iOS 12 and above
The PuppComm
  • Weighs 8 ounces
  • 3" wide by 3" long by 1" high
  • Rechargeable battery with >14-hour life
Window Stickers
  • Peelable vinyl makes it easy to take on and off
  • Each sticker is 6" x 6"
  • Sticker includes unique code that's paired with device during onboarding
The PuppComm connects to your app over a nationwide 4G LTE cellular data network so it will work anywhere you need to keep your dog safe.
Best Value
2-year plan


Save 23% on the monthly plan

If you choose this plan during onboarding we'll bill your credit card $130 after the end of your plan's trial period.
1-year plan


Save 17% on the monthly plan

If you choose this plan during onboarding we'll bill your credit card $70 after the end of your plan's trial period.
Monthly Plan


No savings with this plan

If you choose this plan during onboarding we'll bill your credit card $7 after the end of your plan's trial period.
What's in the box
1x PuppComm
2x Window Stickers
1x Micro-USB charging cable
Welcome Card

Protect your cars' windows and keep your dog cool

Purchase additional displays to keep your dog in the shade and make sure passersby know that your dog is being cared for by PuppTech.
Window Sticker - $5

Window Sticker
  • Peelable vinyl makes it easy to pull on and off.
  • Each sticker is 6"x6".
Window Shade - $15

Window Shade
  • Suction cups at each corner secure shade to window.
  • Each window shade is 15" x 15".
Windshield Shade - $40

Windshield Shade
  • Collapsible shade folds down to fit in glove box.
  • Expands out to fit most car and SUV windshields.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will the PuppComm begin shipping?
Our first units are in production with our manufacturers and we currently expect to start shipping units in the first half of November 2019.
Why do I need a cellular plan for my PuppComm?
The PuppComm connects to your phone over the AT&T Nationwide 4G LTE Cellular Network so that it will work anywhere, even if there's no WiFi. A lot of the places where you'll be using your PuppComm don't necessarily have WiFi so we need the cellular connection to make sure you can still get the information you need to be able to care for your dog.
If I have multiple dogs do I need to buy multiple PuppComms?
Yes. Because the PuppComm isn't a wearable you can use it to monitor multiple dogs that are in the same space. Our proprietary BSCUIT algorithm allows you to add multiple dogs to your account and adjust the alert thresholds for all of your dogs.
What is your return policy?
Every PuppComm comes with a 30-day return policy that matches the 30-day trial period that you'll start when you sign up for a subscription monitoring plan. During these 30-days you can return your PuppComm for a complete refund.
What is your warranty policy?
We offer a 1-year warranty on all parts and manufacturing defects. The warranty only covers problems related to the manufactured aspects and components of the units and does not include defects that might arise from misuse of abuse of the unit.
How do I pay for my subscription plan?
You can choose your subscription plan when you are first setting up your new PuppComm. You'll be prompted to choose your plan and put in your credit card information so that your plan can start automatically after your trial period.
How does the trial period for my plan work?
Every new subscription plan starts with a 30-day trial period that starts on the day you set up your new PuppComm. During this trial period you can cancel your subscription at any time without being charged.