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After testing out the [PuppTech] PuppComm prototype and meeting with the smart men behind it, it is my opinion that this product would be crucial in the effort to saving the lives of dogs and will afford dog owners more opportunity to spend time with their four legged family member. Additionally, this product will give people peace of mind if and when they need to stop somewhere with their dog. The ease of use, phone connectivity, and window temperature display make this product the perfect and secure solution to a problem that does not currently have a solution. Until now, a pet owner has had two choices: leave their dog in a hot car with the windows down, or leave their car running. The first is unsafe for the dog, and the second puts them at risk of having their vehicle, personal property, and their dog stolen.

When the Air Force moved me from Dover, Delaware to San Antonio, Texas, I dreaded the drive cross-country. Stopping for bathroom and food breaks is hard enough. But doing this with two dogs is even harder. Having to take turns going to the bathroom, and eating every meal in the car in an effort to maintain visual of our dogs was extremely stressful to my wife and me. On top of that, it at least doubled the length of each stop on our way. Had this product been available to me then, this already stressful and life changing transition would have been shades easier.

As a Working Dog Trainer, I would trust this product with my dogs, and will certainly be using it with my dogs on beach trips, vacations, and various daily activities. Just knowing that this product is out there has made me happy. The PuppComm not only shows potential for pet owners, but could also be used in the working dog community. Outside of a permanently mounted AC unit, nearly all working dog vehicles either run off of the vehicle's stock AC unit, or the purchase of a four to five figure trailer with these capabilities is required. And considering the risk of a vehicle's AC unit failing, even these options are not sufficient. As a back-up system or the primary cooling device, the PuppComm fills a void that no other product offers. Knowing that I will be able to take my canine family members with me rather than leaving them at home is amazing. Even more comforting is the fact that this product was born out of a passion for the dog, and not as a form of income. This product is made by dog lovers who were looking to answer the question that has been asked by thousands of dog owners worldwide. I cannot speak highly enough about this product or my anticipation to receive my very own PuppComm.

-Sgt. Nick Lewis, San Antonio, TX

What a smart idea. I can see this as so applicable to a hot summer day in the south! Would allow lunch breaks on a road trip.

-Lana Perkins, San Antonio, TX

This is a fantastic idea for all pet owners!

-Kristen Simmons, Cheyenne Pet Clinic, Cheyenne, WY

The [PuppTech] invention is GENIUS for dog lovers like me. I travel everywhere with my four-legged companion and if he can’t go- I usually can’t go. His health & safety are my #1 priority & [PuppTech] is definitely putting that 1st!!

-Stephanie Osmers, San Antonio, TX
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