The First Mobile All Purpose Dog Monitor For All Environments

PuppTech will be conducting a crowdfunding campaign starting in July of 2018 for the development and manufacturing of the PuppComm. Sign up now to get the biggest discounts when we launch!

What Is PuppTech?

An award-winning safety monitor that tracks your dog’s comfort level while you're apart from your dog and alerts you if they are at risk. Tested by vets and active military dog trainers. Benefits include:

  • The PuppComm keeps your dog safe anywhere they go including home, office, RV, camping, travel crates, dog trailers, and more.
  • Know that your pet is safe when you have to be apart.
  • Monitor your pet’s safety including temperature, humidity, and sound.
  • Be notified before your dog is at risk as their environment changes.
  • If you have to leave your dog in a RV or vehicle, enable passersby to know that your dog is being monitored and your dog is safe.

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Why Choose Us?

As dog lovers ourselves, we know that you love being with your dog, and that you didn’t add your pet to your family just to leave them at home alone. After talking with hundreds of like-minded dog owners, we worked to bring PuppComm to the market, allowing dog owners the confidence of knowing that their dog is safe, healthy and comfortable wherever they go. Designed and engineered for easy and reliable use, the PuppComm dog monitor app ensures peace of mind for every owner. Never risk the health of your dog by leaving him/her unmonitored. PuppTech dog car travel accessories are changing the way you interact with your pet through every adventure.

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