4 More Ways Having A Dog Protects Your Health

You want to take care of your dog. You take them to the vet regularly, you buy them the right food, and you might even keep an eye on them with a dog monitoring system. If you’re here at PuppTech, you’re probably very interested in protecting your dog with a car interior temperature monitor as well.

Your dog can also take care of you in unintended ways. In our most recent blog, we discussed some of the ways in which getting a dog can improve your heart health. Taking care of a dog can make you more active, which can reduce your weight and put less pressure on your heart on a daily basis. Having a dog also reduces stress, which can lower your blood pressure.

If that weren’t enough, dogs are also pretty amazing at helping you stay healthy in other ways. Let’s take a look at a few more benefits of having a dog.


They Can Reduce Depression

Dogs make us feel better, there’s no doubt about that. After all, there’s a good reason that therapy dogs exist; they brighten people’s moods and reduce blood pressure when they’re brought into people’s lives

Now it’s not necessarily true that having a dog day-in and day-out should be the only treatment sought for depression; a doctor should always be consulted about the best way to help someone suffering from serious depression. But a dog can certainly bring a lot of smiles to an owner’s face, which releases endorphins and can make a person happy.


Make More Friends

When you have a dog, you get out more. That means you’re going to meet more people, whether it’s on the street or at a dog park. Sometimes people bond over the similar dogs they have, and other times it just lets others know who’s in the neighborhood. Either way, it’s a great chance to meet new people who already have something in common: their love for dogs.


Provide Purpose For A Person’s Life

When people are younger and active, they have many ways that they can find purpose. Many times it’s by being a parent or by taking care of their aging parents. Other times their purpose comes from their job or volunteer work.

But when the primary way people define themselves is by their familial relationships and their job, what happens when those go away? Many elderly people will retire and feel that they have nothing to live for if they’re not helping raise the grandchildren or going to work every day. They might even (erroneously) believe that they are a burden to their children and have nothing to live for.

That’s where having a dog comes in! Not only can a dog help in many heart-healthy ways, but it also gives someone a sense of purpose. People once again have a living being who is counting on them to provide food and shelter, and having a dog can give an elderly person structure to days that might otherwise just slip by.  


Lower a Kid’s Chances of Pet Allergies

If you have kids, having a pet around can be a health boost for them. While it was once believed that having pets caused allergies, today we know that kids who grow up around pets actually have a reduced risk of getting allergies. So while having a pet might not help prevent you from getting allergies, it can help anyone growing up in the house reduce their risk.


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