4 Ways Having A Dog Protects Your Health

You’re here because you want to protect your dog’s health. After all, the primary reason we sell our dog monitoring system is so that you’ll be able to keep your dog healthy and safe in the car while you head into a store for a few minutes. The PuppComm dog car temperature monitor will let you keep constant tabs on your dog the entire time you’re away.

But as much as you care about your dog’s health, did you know that he or she is protecting your health at the same time? It’s true. Study after study shows that having a pet, and especially a dog, can improve your overall health. Let’s take a look at how.


You’ll Stay More Active

This one is pretty obvious: if you have a dog, you’re going to move more. Dogs need to be walked, so you’re more likely to skip that fifth episode of your Netflix binge and take your dog out before they have an accident on the carpet. Many people are also more likely to go on hikes if they can go with a dog, especially if they don’t want to go hiking alone.

Staying active also comes from simply seeing your dog active. After all, they’re having so much fun when they’re running, why not join them? Being around sedentary people makes a person more sedimentary, and conversely surrounding yourself with active people can make you more active. Just being around an active individual like a dog can inspire you to do the same.

And it’s not just the big stuff like walks and hikes. If you’re sitting on the couch and the dog turns over their water dish, you have to get up to take care of it. If you’re lounging around surfing the web and the dog starts to chew on a shoe, you’ll be getting up to distract them with something less destructive. Simply standing up more often contributes to healthy activity. And that leads to the next benefit of having a dog...


Having a Dog Can Help You Lose Weight

When you stay more active, you’re almost certain to lose weight. Any activity is going to burn calories, which mean weight loss. Like we said above, it doesn’t have to be extreme exercise; just move!

Having a dog is often one reason that people start running in the first place. Instead of having the dog strain at the leash as he or she wants to move faster, some people just give in an start running with their dog. It’s a win-win!


A Dog Can Reduce Your Stress

Most of us are constantly being bombarded by information throughout the day, whether we want it or not. Whether it’s good information or bad, this constant need to keep up with what’s happening in the world can raise our stress levels, which can also lead to a higher blood pressure.

Dogs help bring those stress levels down. Dogs are an excellent distraction, and they help to show us that it’s the simple things that are important. They’re also organic, by which we mean that they are a natural part of the world instead of an unnatural part (like a cell phone). Having a dog also means that you’ll get outside more often, and even walking past the trees on the sidewalk of a big city can help to reduce your stress.


Your Heart Will Thank You

When you combine more activity with reduced weight and less stress, it all adds up to a healthier heart. All of these activities can help lower blood pressure, triglyceride levels, and LDL cholesterol in most people. So having a dog is simply good for your heart, and the increase in activity and decrease in stress can help your other organs as well.

But what if you do have a heart attack down the road? While that’s certainly a bad thing, people who have a dog are more likely to survive a heart attack and recover from it faster.


Aren’t You Glad You Have a Dog?

Without the dogs even knowing it, they’re helping you lead a better life! But while those are some great reasons to own a dog, there are even more ways that a dog protects your health that we’ll discuss in the next blog. Until then, be sure that you’re protecting them with our pet monitor app and dog car temperature monitor called the PuppComm. Learn more about it!