5 More Great Pet Monitor Apps Besides The PuppComm

In our previous blog we detailed four very cool apps that you can use with your dog. While they can’t do what our PuppComm pet monitor app does (which is keep track of the temperature in a car when you need to run into a store for a few minutes), they certainly all serve their purposes. First, we talked about Tagg, which is a GPS tracker that attaches to your dog’s collar so that you can see how much they’re moving while you’re away and can help to track them down if they’re ever lost. Then we discussed Doggy Datez, a way for you to find out who else in your neighborhood has similar dogs so that your dog can have playdates with dogs of a similar size. Next, we told you about Pet Phone, a calendar where you can keep track of things your pet need from medications to vet visits to what brand of foods are best for them. Finally, we discussed iCam, an app that syncs with devices with cameras (like old cell phones and iPads) to keep an eye on your pet all day long.

Of course, those are far from the only pet organizing and monitoring apps. In addition to our dog car temperature monitor, here are some other pet apps you might want to consider getting for your dog.


Guide to Dog Breeds

Non-dog owners can probably name fewer than 20 breeds of dogs. Dog enthusiasts can name perhaps 50. But did you know that there are more than 300 officially recognized breeds of dogs? You do now, and this app can help you learn even more about all of them! It has multiple pictures of the breed of dog in order to show what males, females, adults, and puppies look like. It also has information about the breed, such as where they were originally bred and what traits they were bred for.

This app has a number of fun uses. First of all, it can help you identify the breeds your own dog might have come from if you’re unaware of its lineage. That way, when someone asks “what kind of dog is that?” you can proudly say “he’s a mutt! But we think he might be a mix of…”

This app is also a lot of fun if you simply want to be more adept at identifying dogs. Just as a car enthusiast likes to be able to say “that’s a ‘68 Mustang fastback,” dog experts like to be able to start a conversation with others by saying “that’s a nice basenji you have there.”


Pet First Aid

No matter how responsible you are as a pet owner, your pet is still going to get into some scrapes every so often. Maybe they get in a fight with a squirrel, pick up a tick, or get a thorn in their paw. Just like with kids, you can’t protect them from every injury. But you can be a bit better prepared.

Thank goodness for this Red Cross app which can help you take care of your pet, whether you’re at home or on the trail. This app can help you take care of your pet so that you don’t have to take them to the vet every single time there’s a minor injury. But it can also help to stabilize your dog after a serious injury until you can get them to a vet. It can also help you quickly find an emergency vet if you’re not familiar with the area.


ASPCA Pet Toxins App

You probably know that dogs are allergic to the theobromine in chocolate, deathly so if they eat enough of it. After all, chocolate doesn’t exist in nature, so they have no instincts to avoid the sweet treat. But there are actually quite a few foods and plants out there that are poisonous to dogs, and they might just scarf them down. (Shouldn’t the dog know whether or not something is poisonous? Well, maybe their wolf ancestors never came in contact with the plants, or perhaps the aversion was accidentally bred out of them over the years.)

That’s where the ASPCA Pet Toxins app comes in. It has over 300 different foods and plants in its database and lets you know just how toxic they are to dogs, cats, horses, and birds. It also tells you what to watch out for if a pet eats medications or household cleaning agents. So if you don’t know whether or not you should head to the vet when your dog eats chives out of the garden, this app can help.



Okay, now that we’ve talked about pet first aid and toxins that could harm your dog, let’s discuss something a little more fun!

BarkCam is a photography app specifically made to take pictures of your dog. At first, that might sound silly, but if you want to show someone a picture of your grandson but have to wade through 200 pictures of your dog, it makes sense to keep all of your dog photos somewhere else than your typical phone photographs folder.

But that’s not the only reason to use the BarkCam. This dog app plays sounds that grab a dog’s attention just before the photo is taken, sounds like jangling keys or a cat meowing. After you’ve taken the perfect picture, this app allows you to add fun text boxes and word balloons before you share it on social media.



Sometimes you can take your dog with you on that long car trip, and that’s when it’s a good idea to have the PuppComm dog car temperature monitor along with you. But if the trip is just too long, or you’re flying, or your final destination isn’t pet-friendly, you will need to find a good pet sitter. No, wait. You need to find the best pet sitter!

DogVacay is a website and app that helps you find the perfect pet sitter when you have to go on a trip. It will give you a list of dog sitters in your area, and you can check their reviews and their star rating. You’ll also get to see their qualifications (such as being a vet student or knowing dog first aid) and find out how much they charge per night. You’ll be able to go on your trip knowing that your dog is in good hands.


Of Course, Don’t Forget Our Dog Monitor App

It’s a great idea to have all of the apps on this page so that you can keep your dog safe and have more fun with them. But for day-to-day use, it’s hard to beat our dog monitoring system that will ensure your pup isn’t getting too hot in the car when you have to make a quick trip into the store on the way back from the dog park. Learn more about our amazing dog car travel accessory right here!