A Who’s Who For Our Dog Car Temperature Monitor

Here at PuppTech, we talk a lot about dogs. After all, during our two years as a business, it’s been the focus of our daily lives. Every day we show up to work to think through the entire process of protecting your dog while you’re out and about via our dog car temperature monitor.

But as much as we think about keeping your dog cool in the car, there are a lot of people involved in the entire process. Let’s take a look at dog’s best friend and how each is help PuppTech and its launch.

Who Is PuppTech?

The people at PuppTech are the ones who came up with PuppComm, our dog monitoring system that uses cellular technology to keep tabs on the temperature and humidity in a car. PuppTech is based in Denver, Colorado, and we’d love it if you’d contact us to let us know what you’d like to see in our product. PuppTech was started by our founders who realized that, if people are going to leave their cars in the vehicle for a short amount of time, they should do so in the safest way possible. They also knew that it would expand the number of opportunities people have to take their dogs with them.

PuppTech currently has about 10 dog-loving employees who spend every day thinking of ways to make the product better. Is the cellular service strong enough? If not, find a way to make it stronger. Is the accompanying dog monitor app easy enough to use so that customers want to pull it up every time the dog is in the car? If not, make it easier and more accessible. We spend our time testing every aspect of our dog heat monitor so that your dog will be 100% safe when the product launches.

Of course, we also have the people who want to get the word out about PuppTech. These are the designers, video makers, writers, and communications people who believe in the product and want to let as many people know about it as possible. Yes, PuppTech is a product, but it’s one that’s intended to save the lives of dogs and improve relationships with their human companions.

Who Are We Working With?

The PuppComm is in its final testing stages, but you can find out more about it and pre-order right here. Launch is expected in the Summer/Fall of 2018.

For now, the only people who have our dog car temperature monitor are our employees and selected beta testers. We’ve selected a wide variety of people who love traveling with their dogs as much as possible, whether it’s across the country or simply across town. We let them experiment with both the physical PuppComm dog heat alarm and the free dog monitor app. Then we get their feedback on the best ways that we can change either the device or the app. Placement is always an important issue in order to get the best cellular coverage and to ensure the most accurate temperature readings. We’ve also tweaked the app so that the heat warnings are unmissable and become more persistent over time.

Of course, we’re also using the expertise of veterinarians to ensure that the settings on the PuppComm do indeed represent safe temperature and humidity levels for dogs. And because dogs sizes and coats range from Chihuahuas to St. Bernards, we have vets tell us what’s best for each kind of dog so that different breeds can be kept comfortable in a car. It’s important to remember that the point of PuppComm isn’t to see how much your dog can endure, but to let you know when your canine friend might be getting even the slightest bit uncomfortable. That’s why we’ve spent so much time tweaking the app so that it can be adjusted to your dog’s preferences...and to keep you, the dog, and your dog’s vet as reassured as possible.

Who Is PuppTech Ultimately For?

Of course, this car interior temperature monitor isn’t just for PuppTech employees, testers, and vets. It’s for anyone who loves to get around with their dog and keep their furry friend safe at the same time! We’re working hard to bring it to you sometime in mid-2018.

People are traveling with their pets more and more often. Instead of leaving them in the backyard, they’re more likely to take them to a dog park or the pet store. Of course, when they’re out and about, not every store they want to stop by is dog-friendly, and leaving the pup in the car for any amount of time just makes the average dog owner cringe. We wanted to take away any feelings of guilt and still allow people to feel comfortable traveling with their pet, so we came up pet tech that can make it happen.

What Could PuppTech Become?

Thanks for asking! Our company isn't named PuppComm, because that’s just a single product. We’re looking into all sorts of tech for dogs that can make your life easier. First up are different mounting options for the car to directly work with the PuppComm. We’ll most likely partner with other companies that provide active cooling options for your dog when they’re in the car.

Of course, there are also working dogs that we’d like to help protect. PuppComm will almost certainly help to protect military dogs, police dogs, and TSA dogs when they need to stay in a vehicle for short amounts of time. There may come a time when a specific working dogs model is introduced.

Make Sure Your Pup Is Protected!

While you might not be able to able to beta test our dog car temperature alarm, you can be one of the first ones to get a production model the moment we get them in stock. If you’re ready to take your dog to more places and ensure that your friend is protected with the latest in dog car travel accessories, simply click here to find out how to pre-order. And once you use it, come back to tell us just how much you like it!