Mailbag! 5 Common Questions About Our Dog Car Temperature Monitor

Every so often we get some questions around here that don’t quite fit with other topics, and we’re reasonably sure that no one wants to read an entire blog when the question can be answered in just a couple of paragraphs. That’s where the mailbag comes in, allowing us to answer some unique queries from our potential customers. Let’s take a look.


“Can I hear my dog? Can he hear me?”

Yes! No!

The PuppComm uses cellular technology in order to send the information to the dog monitoring app. This includes the numbers from car interior temperature monitor, the humidity in the car, and the amount of time you’ve been away from your dog. It will also give you increasingly determined warnings until you respond and get your dog out of the car as the temperature rises.

The cellular data also allows you to hear what your dog is doing, thanks to the built-in microphone on the PuppComm. Are they sitting in the car and relaxing happily? No problem, you can keep having your meal at the restaurant or picking up something at the grocery store. But if you hear constant barking or, worse yet, the sound of your dog gnawing on the upholstery, you’ll want to book it outside as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, your dog will not be able to hear you, as there is no microphone on the PuppComm. While we considered including one, the low-fi nature of the small microphone isn’t really recognizable to the dog as being the owner’s voice.

“Hey, you know that dogs don’t all react to heat in the same way, right?”

We certainly do! We know very well that some long-haired dogs (such as the Puli) and hairless dogs (like the Xoloitzcuintli, recently seen in the movie Coco) are going to be more comfortable at different temperatures. Dogs that have short heads and noses (brachycephalic dogs), such as boxers, pugs, and bulldogs, often can’t breathe well enough to pant properly, making them likely to experience heat stroke. Overweight dogs and underweight dogs will, of course, also experience the heat of a car in different ways.

The differences in dogs and their preferences can be dialed in thanks to our dog monitor app that accompanies the PuppComm. While the factory setting will be safe for an “average” dog, we know that no loving dog owner thinks of their dog as average! We’re also working with a vet to make sure that the right temperature can be reached to match your pup.

“Isn’t it always cruel to leave a dog in a hot car?”

In a hot car? Absolutely. We agree with anyone who says that dogs and other animals should not be left in a hot car.

PuppComm is not meant to cool down a vehicle (though we are looking into selling devices that actually do keep the car cooler even when the engine is off). PuppComm’s car interior temperature monitor is there to tell you that everything is alright when it is alright, and warn you should the temperatures change dramatically.

On the other hand, we have no problems leaving a pet in a cool car for a short amount of time. In arid states in spring, simply parking under a tree can prevent a car from getting hot all day long. On cloudy and non-humid days, vehicles can stay cool for hours (with the PuppComm warning you if the sun suddenly comes out).

Here’s what the PuppComm is not. It’s not about seeing how hot your dog can get before you have to return. It’s not about seeing how long you can leave your dog in the car before they starting whining and peeing all over the seats. But because we cater to dog owners who are responsible enough to be concerned about their dog’s vehicle safety, we know that it will be used in the most responsible manner.

“What the difference between PuppTech and PuppComm?”

PuppTech is the company, PuppComm is the product. Think of it as Microsoft and Windows, or Apple and iPhones.

Which brings us to another point...

“Can the PuppComm sense cold?”

Netflix didn’t call themselves “” because they didn’t want to pigeonhole themselves if they ever branched out (which they did...remember when they sent you DVDs through the mail?). Similarly, PuppTech didn’t want to limit ourselves either. We could have called the product the “Dog Car Temperature Alarm” or “Dog Heat Alarm.” But we wanted our product to be able to evolve and change, offering not just heat indications but so much more.

All that to say that our PuppComm isn’t just about heat. It can also give an accurate indication of how cold it is getting in a vehicle if you happen to live in colder climates.

“Does It Work With Other Animals?”

Yes! We focus on dogs for two very big reasons. First of all, dogs are the most likely pet people take with them in the car. Dogs are also the animal most likely to do damage to a home when they suffer from separation anxiety. Second, PuppComm founders started the company based on their own experiences of traveling with their dog Clovis, so the name just made sense.

There’s no reason that you can’t use it with other animals, though. If you’re taking your cat to the vet and want to stop by to pick up some choice cat food on the way back home as a way of saying “sorry for traumatizing you at the vet,” the PuppComm will work beautifully.

What More Do You Need To Know?

If you have any more questions, we understand. The PuppComm is a new and exciting product, so you’re bound to have more questions. Check out our FAQ here, and if that doesn’t answer your questions we’d be happy to speak with your directly.

If you’re convinced that PuppComm is right for you and your pet, then it’s time to order! The PuppComm is being released in Fall of 2018, so click here to order a PuppComm dog car temperature monitor today!  


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