The Best Dog Car Travel Accessories Around

Here at PuppTech, we’re all about pet car safety. That’s the primary reason we invented the PuppComm, our dog car temperature monitor that is the safest way to leave your pup in the car for short periods of time. As long as you’re monitoring your dog, you’ll be able to know if and when they’re getting too hot in the car.

Our product is all about dog vehicle safety, but when you're traveling with a canine companion, there are many other aspects of traveling with dogs that you have to deal with. Let’s take a look at some of the other items you might want to have for your dog when they’re in a vehicle.


It used to be that the most a dog would get would be an old blanket in the back of a pickup truck. Today, however, there are blankets specifically made to protect as much of your vehicle as possible, and keep the dog comfortable as well. These car dog blankets fold in order to protect every space possible, even preventing the dog from moving forward between the seats and onto the center console.

Blankets can be soft or rigid, and most of them are waterproof to protect against accidents. And when we say accidents, we’re talking about the kind that dogs make, not the kind that occurs when two cars crash into each other. Which brings up another point: if you have your dog on a dog blanket in the vehicle, please make sure they’re properly buckled with proper restraints so that they’re not put in any great danger if a car accident does occur.

Car Seats

Even better than blankets are car seats. Car seats give the dog a place to be every time they hop into the car and can act as their dog bed away from home. Giving them a place of their own means they’re less likely to roam around the car, and it will also get smaller dogs up so that they can enjoy the view. These car seats, whether open or enclosed, often feature restraints to prevent dogs from moving around or getting thrown during a wreck. Dog car seats come in sizes for every dog out there, and many of them will attach to the seat belt or LATCH system just like a baby car seat.


The great thing about barriers is that they can keep dogs from moving into the front seat. After all, dogs can be a huge distraction in a car, and a barrier will stop them from hopping from the front to the back, getting onto your lap, or affecting your driving in any way.

The bad thing about barriers is that they’re not as focused on dog vehicle safety. While they might prevent the driver from getting as distracted, they actually do very little to protect the dog itself in the event of a crash. Barriers can be good when you’re parked, though, as they can keep your pet in the back of the vehicle and prevent them from getting up front and chewing on your Chapstick, upending your soda in the cupholder, or getting their fur all over your front seats.


The reason we invented the PuppComm dog monitoring system was so that you could monitor a dog in the vehicle when there’s no other option. The car interior temperature monitor and dog monitor app will let you know when things are getting too hot in the car for your furry friend.

Of course, with heat comes dehydration. That’s why it’s important to always have some sort of water ready for your dog to drink. There are many types of dog waterers on the market so that you can give your dog a nice drink as soon as you return to the car. In fact, there are even watering bowls that attach to the back of headrests so that your dog can get a drink whenever he or she needs to.


While it’s great that many dogs are living longer than ever before, it also means that we have to watch them age in front of our eyes. This has lead to a variety of products that are used around the home as well as dog car travel accessories to help them when they’re on the move.

Dogs that are having trouble hopping up into vehicles like they used to can make good use of dog vehicle ramps. Even if your dog can’t get into the back of your SUV like they used to, there’s no doubt that you still want to take them to the dog park to have some socialization. There are also dog car stairs that can assist your aging or handicapped canine companion into the vehicle.


While a closed-up car gets hot pretty quickly, areas in the car with direct sunlight streaming in can also overheat a dog. If your dog has a particular spot in the vehicle (thanks to that car seat we mentioned above), you might check to see if it’s in direct sunlight (remembering this changes depending on the time of day, the season, and the direction you’re traveling). If your dog is in direct sunlight, it might be a good idea to get some suction cup shades for the window in order to keep them cooler.


Sometimes dogs need distractions. Some dogs are perfectly happy to enjoy a lowered window so that they can stick their heads out. Good dogs!

Other dogs start making a racket at everything they see along the roadside. Still others will see just how well the car’s seats will hold up to their teeth. This can be a big distraction for the driver, which means that it’s probably best if you bring along something that you are absolutely sure will distract your pup. Be sure to bring along your dog’s favorite snack or chew toy so that they can keep themselves busy and not cause the driver to have a wreck.

Take Care of Your Pup!

Step into any pet store and you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands, of fun things you can buy for your dog. But some of the most important are the dog care travel accessories that can make traveling with your dog a much more pleasant experience. While our dog car temperature monitor isn’t on those shelves yet, we know it will be before too long so that you can use this pet tech product to keep your pup safe in the while you’re traveling. If you’d like to be one of the first to try our dog vehicle safety gear and get it before it hits the big stores, you can pre-order right here. Learn more about the PuppComm and how to pre-order right here!