The Best Dog Parks In America! (Just Don’t Forget Your Dog Monitor App)

Like humans, dogs can be entertained on so many different levels. We enjoy fidget spinners but we also like traveling to go to a favorite amusement park. Similarly, dogs can spend an hour with a squeaky toy but they also like to head to the most stimulating dog park they can enjoy.

We’re sure the dog parks that you go to with your dog are nice, but there are some that are just absolutely amazing. Sometimes it’s the size, sometimes it the location, and other times it’s the surroundings. Let’s take a look at some of the best dog parks that the United States has to offer.


Cherry Creek State Park (Colorado)

Let’s start right here in Colorado, the home state of PuppTech and our PuppComm dog monitoring system. Cherry Creek State Park is just 12 miles from our office and has a huge multi-acre fenced in area for dogs where you can let them off-lease. There’s a shallow creek area nearby as well, so your dog can get wet to their heart’s content. Since it’s a state park, there is a day-use fee, but when’s the last time you didn’t mind spending the entire day at a dog park?


Montrose Dog Beach (Illinois)

If you live anywhere near Chicago, you owe it to yourself and your dog to visit Montrose Dog Beach, located on Lawrence-Wilson Drive on Lake Michigan. This is Chicago’s only off-leash beach, and dog owners certainly seem to have taken to it as it has a 4.8 out of 5 stars on Facebook. When you let your dogs go on this beach, they’ll be able to run all along the sand and into the water. Plus you can spend the day in the water with them, if you want!


Shawnee Mission Dog Park (Kansas)

When you’re in the middle of a city, 53-acres might sound like a lot. In Kansas, though, it’s not such a large area. But when that area is all a dog park, it starts to sound like a lot of land again!

This is an excellent way to let dogs get back to nature, and it’s open year-round! Sure, there are the typical wooded areas and open spaces you’d expect from being in Kansas, but there are also swimming areas and nature trails for you to both enjoy.


Huntington Dog Beach (California)

You’ve never seen dogs happier than at a warm beach in California! It’s located in Huntington Beach just south of Los Angeles. This amazing beach (which aptly has the website ) lets your dog run in the dunes, on the beach, or into the ocean. You can even surf or SUP with your dog if you want.

Being in Southern California where it’s hot all year, this is an excellent location for someone to use our dog car temperature monitor on their way home from the beach.


Hawaii Kai Dog Park

This dog park is located on the island of Oahu and is part of the city of Honolulu. Since 2008 it’s offered anyone with a dog the opportunity to let them run free in a bucolic setting, as it has excellent mountain and ocean views. There’s also an enclosed part of the park for small dogs that are under 18 pounds.

We know that you won’t be driving to Hawaii, but if you are taking your dog to Honolulu, why not take our dog monitoring system along as well for the rental car? That way you’ll be able to make the most of your time with your dog while you’re there.


Take The PuppComm With You!

No matter where you’re going in the country, you’re going to want to take the PuppComm with you. Whether you’re in Illinois in the winter (our dog car temperature monitor also lets you know when it’s getting too cold) or California in the summer, this pet monitor app can help you protect your pooch. Pre-order today!