The Greatest Dog Parks In The World!


In previous articles, we discussed the most dog-friendly cities in America, cities where we’re certain to sell quite a few of our dog car temperature monitors and car temperature apps. Cities like Denver, Las Vegas, San Diego, and San Francisco all offer excellent walking opportunities, pet-friendly shopping, and dog parks like you wouldn’t believe. Speaking of dog parks, we also wrote an article about the best dog parks in America. These amazing parks are sometimes in large cities and other times out in the country, but they both give your dog something he or she truly loves: the ability to get out and run free! These parks can be pretty far away for most of us, though, so on the trip there you’ll be needing our pet temperature alarm.

There are some dog parks that are much farther away, though. Some you might be able to drive to with your dog, while others can only be enjoyed if you end up traveling thousands of miles on a plane. Even if you never get to these overseas dog parks, isn’t it nice to know that they exist and can help influence dog parks that might be built in your town? Let’s take a look at the greatest dog parks in the world!


Hawthorne Canal Reserve

If you’re ever in the Sydney area with your dog, why not visit Hawthorne Canal Reserve in Leichhardt, New South Wales? This is an off-leash area for dogs so that they can run around and have lots of fun, socializing with other dogs. Not only does it cater to your dog’s needs, but there’s also a restaurant nearby called Cafe Bones where you can get some grub for yourself (and they sell dog treats as well!).


City of Norwood Payneham & St. Peters

Still in Australia? Then visit the metropolitan area of City of Norwood Payneham & St. Peters in South Australia. This area has a population of only 32,000 people but has 11 off-leash dog areas! That’s an area of the country that really loves their dogs!


Southland Off-Leash Park

Here’s one you might be able to visit with your dog simply by driving. The Southland Off-Leash Park is located in Calgary, Canada. With hundreds of fenced-in acres, the Bow River to swim in, and lots of places to make new friends or explore alone, this is one dog park that really lets dogs be themselves. It’s a local favorite, and it’s easy to see why!


Paddington Recreation Ground

For a park named after a bear, this park is all about the dogs! (Yes, we know that Paddington means more than just the fictional bear.) Paddington Recreation Ground is in London and is an excellent place for dog owners to let their pooch run wild (do they call them “pooches” in Great Britain?) The main park is leash-free, and there are three “for dogs only” areas to let them congregate. There are even some wooded areas for the dogs to explore, as well as a cafe where you can feed both yourself and your canine companion.


Bill Archer Bark Park

We’ll end our trip around the world back in the United States with Bill Archer Bark Park in Houston Texas. The first question that comes up is: why aren’t they all called bark parks? Dog park is just too on-the-(wet)-nose, so let’s have some fun and start calling them all bark parks!

Situated on 17 acres, the main attraction is a large pool shaped like a dog bone! Of course, once dogs get wet they’re going to create mud in the nearby dirt, so there are doggy showers where you can rinse them off before heading back home. It’s Houston, so it’s going to be pretty hot for yourself and the dog. That’s why there are awnings and trees to keep you and Fido cool. Of course, on the way home you’ll want to make sure you have your car temperature app loaded to keep them safe should you make any stops.


Don’t Forget Your Pet Temperature Alarm!

We certainly don’t advocate leaving your dog in any vehicle for an extended amount of time, but we know that being able to use a temperature alarm in a car will allow you to spend much more time with your dog no matter where you are in the world. The PuppComm is a small device that stays in your car and is constantly sending information to the dog monitor app on your phone, ensuring your dog is comfortable with the heat and humidity levels in the vehicle. The more you take your dog with you, the happier they’re going to be!

Click here to learn more about the PuppComm. We’re proud of all the safety features we’ve included so that you can trust the way it works. We look forward to which countries you’ll be using it in!