The Most Dog-Friendly Cities In America

PuppTech hails from Denver, CO, one of the friendliest cities in the nation for dog owners. And that’s not just us who think so; this article details which cities are the best, based on the number of dog parks, dog-friendly restaurants and shopping, weather, walkability, and for the human counterparts, median income.

The idea for our product, the PuppComm, was actually born from the fact that Denver and the surrounding trails have so much to offer. On the way back from a hike, our founders weren’t able to enjoy a meal because they had to leave their dog Clovis in the car and had to keep checking on him. (As friendly as Denver is for dogs, there are still some places where it can be hard to find a dog-friendly restaurant.) Even though a car parked in the shade will almost always stay cool here in our arid climate, we wanted a way to verify that a dog would be safe; a dog car travel accessory that would ensure Clovis was comfortable. That way we could enjoy our meal because our dog car temperature monitor would reassure us that the temperature in the care is more than tolerable.

Now we know that you’re probably not going to base where you live on how dog-friendly the particular city is. Well, not entirely. The fact is, most families who own a dog consider them to be part of the family, and they actually are looking at quality of life for their furry friend. So while “how easy is it to find a dog park for Trevor the Schnauzer” might not be the primary reason someone moves (jobs play a big part, as does quality of life for the non-furry family members), it’s certainly something that people give some weight to.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the cities in America that best accommodate dogs and their human companions.



Let’s start with our own city of Denver. Denver is often named among the healthiest cities in the nation, and Colorado is currently the leanest state. That’s because there’s just so much to do all year round, for the entire family including the dogs. Winter brings skiing and snowshoeing, and summer has hiking and rafting (and about a thousand other activities). Our mild climate in the summer actually makes you want to get out and do stuff, as opposed to some states where the humidity is oppressive the most you want to do is sit on the air conditioning vent.

This interest in getting out and about often means that people will take their dogs, and that means businesses will make accommodations to draw those customers in. Denver also has quite a few excellent dog parks, like Cherry Creek State Park (mentioned in this article about the best dog parks in America). Our rapid growth since the mid-90s has given us the opportunity to build more dogs parks throughout the city.

When it comes to the area surrounding the area, Denver is hard to beat. The mountains are well-known for the excellent skiing, but Colorado’s summers are snow-free and quite temperate. There are lots of places to hike, and there are some great options nearby that are dog-friendly.


Las Vegas

We’ll admit, this one kind of surprised us. But as it turns out, Las Vegas is incredibly dog-friendly. One reason is probably the number of young people moving there for jobs, and young people tend to have more active dogs. City officials take notice of this and build more dog parks, and because Las Vegas is growing so fast they have the opportunity to do so during community planning. Las Vegas has the fifth-highest dog parks per capita in the country!

Before you pack up the moving van and head to Sin City, there are a couple of things to consider. With Las Vegas being in the middle of the desert, it has a lot of sunny days (which is good if you want to avoid your dog getting rained on), but it’s also about the hottest city in the nation. (It’s second, actually, with over 70 days a year above 99-degrees!). That will almost certainly make you want to take your dogs out early in the morning or well after dust. And always have our dog heat alarm on you.

You should also consider the type of dog you have. Some dogs are more susceptible to heat stroke than others, and it’s not always the ones with the longest hair. Bulldogs, pubs, Boston terriers, Shih Tzus, boxers, and Pekingese are all breeds that are highly susceptible to heat stroke. Be extra careful with them if you’re moving to Las Vegas.

 Where are the best dog parks in these cities

San Diego

With fine weather and beautiful beaches, San Diego can be a wonderful option for both humans and dogs. While living isn’t exactly cheap in San Diego, it’s a very dog-friendly place and has many ways of showing it.

First of all, San Diego has the highest number of dog-friendly restaurants in the country! So if you like to eat with your dog nearby, you won’t have to walk far before you find a patio where your dog can lap some water and you can have a leisurely meal. (And if your favorite restaurant doesn’t happen to be dog-friendly, give our dog monitor app a try.) San Diego is also incredibly amiable to dog owners when it comes to shopping, with at least seven dog-friendly shopping areas.

Next, nearly every dog loves the beach. It’s a chance for them to be off-lease, play in the water, and interact with other dogs. While there are restrictions in certain areas regarding when and where a dog can be on the beach or boardwalk, some beaches are specifically set aside so that you can let your dog run free all the time. Take a look at the best San Diego beaches for your dog right here!


San Francisco

One thing that people like about San Francisco is how easy it is to get around on foot. While the hills might put some strain on the calves, it’s easy to get out and take your dog for a walk. San Francisco might not have as many dog parks per capita as Las Vegas, but it certainly has quite a few. And it ranks second in the nation in terms of dog-friendly restaurants, so you’ll always be able to find a bite pretty close.

The downside of San Francisco? The cost, of course. San Francisco is the most expensive place to live in the country, and it takes around $125,000 a year to live comfortably. But if you have the means, it’s hard to beat when it comes to dog-friendliness.  

Will Your Dog Enjoy Your New City?

If you’re looking for a city that will easily accommodate the needs of your canine friend, you could certainly do worse than check out the four cities we mentioned above. If you’ll notice, all four of these cities are in the west, but if you read our next article about more dog-friendly cities, you’ll find that there are a few in the east that are also pretty friendly. Where else should you consider moving if your dog is helping make the decisions? Come back next week to find out!