Why Your Dog Enjoys Dog Parks

Your dog loves being at home. That’s where their favorite toys are, their comfy dog bed, and, of course, where they have the most time with you. But your dog also likes to get out and go! Most dogs love to go for walks, because they get to explore the world. But as nice as walks are, nothing can compare to a dog park if you’re a pup!

At PuppTech, we love our dog parks (shout-out to Stapleton’s off-leash dog park here in the Denver area!). In fact, being able to take our dogs to dog parks and still make a quick stop by the grocery on the way home is one reason we invented our dog car temperature monitor. If you’re like us, you want to spend as much time with your dog as possible and treat them to a nice dog park whenever you can. But have you ever wondered why your dog enjoys the dog park so much? It turns out that the answer is more complex than you might think. Let’s take a look at why dog parks are one of your dog’s favorite places in the world.


Off the Leash

Don’t get us wrong: leash laws are a great idea. Not only do they keep dogs on walks from attacking each other, but leash laws also ensure that dogs aren’t lost on a walk (or get hit by a car) if they start to chase a squirrel.

But dogs are meant to run, whether they’re a greyhound or a Pekingese. There’s a good chance that your backyard isn’t nearly as large as a dog park, which allows your dog to let loose in ways that they aren’t usually able to. Having a very active dog in a small space is like having a sports car in a school zone; letting them run at a dog park is like putting that sports car on a racetrack. Oh, and let’s not forget just how healthy it is for your dog to run around and get their hearts moving.

Another advantage of being off the leash? We, as pet owners, love it! After being required to have the dog on a leash for most walks, it just puts a smile on our face to see our dogs able to let loose and run around as much as they’d like.


Other Dogs

You might have one dog. If you wanted a companion for the first, you might have two. And if you really love dogs, you might have three. Having more than three dogs just isn’t in the realm of possibility for most people.

So while your dog might have one or two companions at home, and perhaps a couple of more that they encounter on walks, their sphere of friends is rather limited. If you only encountered five people every day for most of your life, you’d probably get pretty bored with the conversation (though we know that for some introverts this sounds like heaven!).

That’s why dogs love dog parks so much. They’re allowed to get out there and meet dogs that they’ve never seen before, to playfully chase someone new, fight over a stick and to sniff new butts. It lets them break out of the typical four or five dogs that they know and make new friends.

It’s important for dogs to keep up with their social skills throughout their lives. If a dog doesn’t meet many dogs when they’re young, they might have trouble socializing when they’re old (the same is true with people). It’s important for them to be able to meet other dogs and play in the most friendly fashion possible.


The Scented World

Dogs love to smell things, and it’s one of their most common ways of interacting with the world. Have you ever wondered why dogs can casually sniff around the neighborhood but then become so enamored of a particular spot that you can barely drag them away? The best way we’ve ever heard it explained is that it’s like a human being at an art gallery; while we might casually pass by most of the art, there’s usually one piece that catches our attention and we spent a lot of time entranced by.

When a dog gets to a dog park, it’s like being at the Louvre! Not only are there interesting smells, but it’s a concentration of the most interesting smells that they’ve never smelled before. Dogs are curious creatures, so the smells they encounter stimulate their brains. “What dog was here? How long ago were they here? And why were they so close to this other dog? Oh look, here comes another dog to smell!”


They Might Get Back To Their Roots!

One reason that one of our dog monitor app users likes taking their dog to the dog park is because his dog is a border collie and she likes to patrol the inside perimeter of the fence, much as a border collie might do so when watching over sheep. This certainly isn’t something that she could do in a tiny yard, but the dog park lets her do part of the job bred into her.

While there won’t be a bull for the bulldogs to wrangle, there’s are often ways that dogs might be able to play at what their ancestors were bred for. Daschunds can head into the plastic tunnels that some dark parks provide in order to live up to their “badger hound” lineage. Bloodhounds can travel back in time as they sift through the scents of dogs that were there weeks ago. And Yorkshire terriers can chase off any small rodents that might have wandered into the dog park, though we bet they have to contend with every other dog chasing that squirrel too!


They Get To Be With You!

Sure, dogs love to spend time with a bunch of other dogs, but that’s not the only socialization they’re interested in. They’re also just happy to be with you! That’s especially true if you haven’t been able to spend much time with them throughout the week. So your dog will certainly enjoy some time in the car with you, then wear themselves out at the dog park, and, of course, enjoy their time with you on the trip back. And if on that trip home you need to stop by a shop and leave your pup in the car for a few minutes, our dog monitoring system will let you. You can simply turn on our dog car temperature monitor, fire up our dog monitor app, and go into the store knowing your dog is safe.

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