Frequently Asked Questions

Here's where we've answered the most common questions that we get about the PuppComm.

Our engineers are working hard on getting the PuppComm ready for you to be able to start using it. Right now we expect that we'll be able to start shipping units to our earliest customers, in Spring 2019.

We're expecting the PuppComm to retail for $199 when it's live and ready for production.

Arrow Electronics, a large (Fortune 500) supplier of electronic components, has reviewed the PuppComm and certified that PuppTech will be able to manufacture and deliver PuppComms to our crowdfunding and pre-order customers.

We charge a fee of $5/month or $50/year to connect the PuppComm to a nationwaide cellular data network to make sure it's always connected when you need it to be.

Based on advice from our veterinary partners, we use the heat-index, which combines temperature and humidity, so that you can know how your dog actually feels.

PuppTech has worked with TiE Rockies, the Colorado chapter of TiE Global, the largest business angel network in the world. In May 2017 TiE Rockies nominated PuppTech to participate in this worldwide competition, with over 3600 entrants; PuppTech was selected as one of the 50 best. PuppTech’s selection as one of the 2017 Top 50 start-ups shows these business angels’ confidence in the PuppTech management team, technology and market.

The window stickers provide a unique code that allows passersby to know the temperature inside and outside the car. If a dog appears to be in danger, the passerby can contact the owner (anonymously) to remind him of the conditions and warn the owner that failure to act within a certain time period will result in calling the police or breaking a window.

Yes. We have already vets on our advisory board and are working with a number of other vets. We expect to partner with veterinary schools and research institutes to develop more detailed information on in what conditions heat becomes dangerous for dogs and how different breed react to changing conditions.

While we can't reveal all of the secrets about how this work, we can say that our algorithms are based on an animal care and condition developed by vets and used by pet welfare workers to evaluate how a dog is doing. As we continue working with vets and gathering more data about how dogs react to heat, our software will get much smarter at understanding how to keep you individual dog safe.

NO!! Parents should NEVER leave kids alone in a car (unless they are old enough to understand the danger and free themselves if conditions change). While responsible dog owners encounter many places where they can’t bring their dogs, there is no place that a responsible parent cannot take their child when they leave the car.

Video FAQs

Our CEO has answered some of our most common questions in these videos.