The PuppComm,
Designed for yourPeace of Mind


How it Works?

The PuppComm works with the app and the unique passersby interface to make sure that you, and any concerned passersby, can always know your dog is safe.

The PuppComm

Palm-sized, cloud-connected monitoring device contains temperature and humidity sensors, a GPS and a microphone to hear if your dog is in distress.

Easy-to-use App

Intuitive interface removes the guesswork out of checking on your dog so you can quickly see whether or not they're comfortable and safe

App Alerts/Notifications

Pro-active, customizable notifications let you know about any changes before they actually become problems so you have plenty of time to get back to your dog.

Window Stickers

For dog owners who choose to leave their dogs in a vehicle, a unique interface allows any concerned passersby to check on the dog without smashing the windows.


Pre-Order Now For $165

Our crowdfunding campaign is over but there's still time to save on the retail price of $199

Your dog's safety,
Powered by the cloud.

The PuppComm's powerful app does more than just tell when your dog is in trouble. We've loaded our app with features that make it easier than ever for you and everyone else to be able to check on your dog.

  • Customizable alerts thresholds

    Choose when to receive alerts about your dog based on what you know is best for them.

  • Custom notification channels

    Choose to receive alerts/notifications through email, text, and/or push notifications.

  • Breed Specific Alerts

    We tailor the alerts you receive based on your dog's breed, weight, size and other factors.

  • Emergency Contacts

    Choose backup contacts to take care of your dog if something happens to you.

  • Location Sharing

    Share your dog's location with your emergency contacts who might need to come take care of it.

  • Passersby Messaging

    Let concerned passersby be able to communicate with you directly through the passersby interface.

  • Device Pairing

    Pair the PuppComm with cameras and other smart devices to better monitor your dog.

  • Vet Recommendations

    Expert advice and recommendations from our vet partners about how to keep your dog safe.


Designed to fit into your life with your dog

The PuppComm is designed for all of the places you care about keeping your dog safe.

What's in the box?

The PuppComm comes with everything you need to get started right out of the box.

The PuppComm
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Nationwide 4G LTE Network Connectivity
  • WiFi connectivity when available
  • Cellular connectivity requires $7/month or $70/year fee
Window Stickers
  • 6" x 6" peelable vinyl
  • 2 stickers included in each box
  • Additional stickers available for purchase
The PuppTech App
  • Iphones SE and above with iOS 11 or higher
  • Android phones with OS Marshmallow or newer
  • Works with Apple Watch Devices
  • Available in Apple and Google Play Stores
Charging Cable
  • 24" Micro-USB power cable
  • Plugs into USB power bricks, ports or plugs

Pre-Order Now For $165

Our crowdfunding campaign is over but there's still time to save on the retail price of $199